Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Linda's Place

During Tasya's last holidays, we had the nice surprise of falling on Linda's place.  

Niched in a little commercial center, this resto/snack nicely surprised us with their menu pics on a tablet.  Yep..real innovation and a delight to the eyes!

I had the seafood gratin (though am allergic to seafood... :P ) and it was a delight!

The food was not only very well presented but tasted like awesome.  Price range was fine and service was excellent.  The pleasant smiling young man with the piercing, tattoos and shorts made my day!  You can't get cooler than that!

The cocktails were quite interesting...and I read on their FB page that you can even prepare your!

So if you are driving by Calodyne, trust me and do grab a bite there...

Little more details:

Breakfast - Brunch - Burgers - Cajun/Creole - Diners - Vegetarian

Just check their FB page for more details:

The only 'hic' is they accept only cash for now...but it's not that a huge problem ;)

BUT if you want awesome food, awesome welcome and affordable..try Linda's Place :)

Feeling hungry!

Reena DKL

NOT so PERFECT Burger...

So am back and this time am not gonna chew my words!!!

When your name says 'Perfect Burger' the least you can do is throw some decent food in our plates.  

Story is we went there for lunch one day.  All hungry..actually starving!  I ordered 'Crocs Monsieur' & chips for Tasya and a pasta something for me while michel went for a burger n the usual combo stuff.

Now the story starts:

No pasta!  Out of spaghetti.  Ok, being the usual nice and easy client I am I say ok, gimme a child's meal.

The guy tells me I cannot take that.  I said why?  I wanted the 'gifts' attached to the meal.  The gifts won't fit my hand he says... Am all like 'huh?'...  Accompanied by a child, it was obvious the gift would be for her!  What difference did it make about who ate the damn kids' meal in the end?  I insist on the child's meal...where he says they are out of chips but can still manage a few for Tasya... Ok fine...we are cool...

Now the server tells us he cannot offer the combo burger meal as he has no chips.  Ok..Forget the chips...bring the burger.

Food finally..and I have to stress on the finally here as it came like 40 mins later!  Ok food is here!  Hourra!  But the hourra died right across my throat with the first bite...  Perfect could you support a name like that when street food taste like 10 times better?

Not only that, but Tasya never got her chips as some server gave all the remaining chips to a guy who 'supposedly' ordered his meal first.  Yeah did I forget to mention how many others who came after were served first?  I wonder if ALL of them placed their orders by phone... can't confirm that though...

People..if you cannot afford a toy like McDo or even KFC for God's sake just don't bother!  The Rs10 toy you buy on the streets looked far more enjoyable for the kids...

My overall experience?  DISASTER!  Nothing was perfect..nothing!!!  NOT so Perfect Burger after all :/

Keep posted...will be back soon...

Reena DKL

P.S  Mind you that this is personal blog as far as I know, I am allowed to write about my personal experiences...just a note for those who wanna sue me :p

P.P.S - Pictures are from the if it's yours let me know I'll credo them ;)