Monday, December 23, 2013

Stage costume or underwear?

So, this is the first and last post of 2013 most probably :P  Am not dead, just dormant..but still a blogger (I guess so!).

Anyway, tonight (or rather today, we are already 03:36), I want to write about some famous stars, singers especially when they are performing live…or even their clips…

Seriously, i think they need some re-education to better understand the difference between stage costume and underwear, because so far, they have been wearing even less clothes on stage that I wear when I shower (actually this is an irony, not that I bath dressed :P )

As the pictures show, they have some serious issues…

Thing is some say it's all about entertainment…then why don't the guys go around in tiny G-Strings??? Though I wouldn't mind this one! But still, why doesn't a Lara Fabian, Adèle, Celine Dion or so need the extravagance or rather say vulgarity???

Some clips are more soft porn like than anything else :/

Like below, I wonder if she's really trying to 'play guitar' or actually scratching herself :P

Wait, is it too much clothing???

And what is she doing now?  A tip on how to pee on stage???

And now Britney…don't even know what she's trying to do here...

And one thing, if you don't have the body to sport something like this, please spare us the horror!!!

Beyonce most probably forgot her bras at home :P

So they either all have the same costume designer or they are all simply crazily stupid :P

and lack creativity!!!

Now Miley, why the hell do you want to act like someone who just got out of a mental institute??? (Ran away, most certainly!!!)

And who goes around naked on a wrecking ball???
What was the need of being naked in that clip?

These people seriously need to make the difference between a stage costume and clown dress!!!
It's such a sore sight for the eyes :(

…and scratching again!!!

I will simply end here…and sincerely hoping next year I will come with more posts ;)

Dormant, not dead!!!


Yashvin Awootar said...

Lol. They are not stupid but instead, so f*cking rich that they can afford to do anything :)

Fortunately, our mauritian artists have not reached this stage yet!

reena.dkl said...

Let's hope the Mauritian artists NEVER reach this stage…lol!