Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motherland O Motherland!

Finally, after more than 1 year of rest, my desire to blog awakens :)

So many topics I wanted to write about, yet never found time, nor didn't give them a second thought.

Tonight, well, it's already 2:15am, well...So today, as I sit down to blog, I have only one thing in mind: Do we Mauritians have the patriotic feeling?  After the recent turbulence around the 'Boycott Mauritius' page on FB, I wish to say a few words...

I always said that we Mauritians lack the passion patriots feel...we just never gave a damn about it coz we never found a reason to...Sadly, we never valued our freedom, nor our rights to raise our voice against corruption... 

I once said that French knew the revolution... 

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Scotland had William Wallace...

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Indians sacrificed so much...

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and the Blacks wrote history with their blood....

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We Mauritians (actually one) sold Diego and we were free :(

Maybe we should be thankful for the 'Boycott Mauritius' page which brought up so many people to stick together for their country and fight against those who are badmouthing us.

Ok, no one is perfect and certainly no country!  We see people dying around the world, rape, murder, war, drugs, prostitution, pedophile, corruption and so much more everywhere across the globe.  My heart goes to the family who lost their daughter and in no way should the murder(s) get away with it.
Still question remains, should the whole world boycott us because the case remains unsolved or because the murderer is yet to be found?  In no way boycotting Mauritius will solve the case.  Let's look for solutions, get the best like Scotland Yard over here and get results!  But why boycott us?  Because we don't have the best equipment or forensic labs to start with?

Mauritians die overseas.  Years ago, in Russia a young Mauritian student was beaten to death.  Did we boycott Russia?  No, because any fool knows that Russia is not responsible for the murder, a bunch of assholes are but that does not mean we should just put a ban on the country.

Now as for the Motherland title...I must admit that am surprised so many people came together to defend our little island.  Yes, even if it's not perfect, it remains our Motherland.  I was born here and can never think of staying anywhere else than here.  Fine, the system needs a hard slap, but does screaming our flaws over rooftops change anything to that?  To start with, we are the sole responsible for such a disaster. WE ARE the voters, so better start with a tight slap to wake us up first.

My point is, Mauritius is our Mother - Land...  If we watch Bollywood movies, they cannot stop talking about their love for the motherland...  Their flag itself means a lot to them...compared to us leaving it on rooftops for a whole year to change it only for the next Independence day.

Back to Motherland.  Mother...  Do we insult our mother in front of others?  No matter how bad she is..a mother remains a mother and we never sell her to others...we deal with it and try to make things better.  Why help the drug addict poor mother get a better decent life and degrade the Motherland?

Mauritius, our motherland is the fruit of our lenient, cowardice behavior.  When we slander her, we are simply proving what imbeciles we are.

My whole point is, if strangers are throwing stones at our mother, shall we join them in hurting her or go against them and protect her?

We don't need to fight wars with guns and bombs, but by simply sticking together at this ethereal moment against the world, we can prove our patriotism and be proud Mauritians.

(Picture by Reena DKL)

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Yashvin said...

I knew that the Dark Knight Rises has recently been released but "The Blogger REENA DKL Rises" is pretty a surprise. Hope that it will be a super hit movie :-)

This move shows how Mauritians feel concerned when other people spoiling the reputation of the island just to satisfy their stupidity. I forgot to say this part in my post, but I'm sure that every Mauritian will see these traitors in a different way as from today.

Keep posting ;)

$€|v3n said...

Niceley written

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. The call for a boycott was harsh and unnecessary. The PM and government have clearly shown a willingness for justice to be done. The nation should defend its reputation when unjustly targeted.