Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good news for Halim and Dholl Puri lovers :)

Yes, for those who were like me and wondered where the 'marchand halim' and 'marchad dal-puri' lor gare rose-hill went, well tadah!!! They are back!!!

Oh that Halim helped me so much during my pregnancy...I could have only that as food! lol! yeah!

Main point is they are back and same place at rose-hill just that instead of being like 'squatters' they have their own 'ti-base'. Same 'arcade' as Dil Snack...

Sorry for the pics which were taken at night :(

Am so happy that I could not help sharing this with all of you!!!

Alors les bloggers?

Kan ene ti plan Halim ou Dal-puri la!!?? Yashvin!!!???