Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi 2011...hopefully it will be a far better year :)

Am already posting my first article for this year..cheers!!!

Actually, the very few times I've viewed the show: "SUMMER TIME DANCE SPECIAL" on MBC I've been shocked!

Yes, the word is SHOCK!. Why you ask? Well, have you seen those lil kids dancing? I mean, all that "jhatak" and "matak"? All those vulgar moves? Am so sorry to say that parents don't realise that their kids are making fools of themselves.

For example, imagine a 7 years old girl dancing on Rhianna's latest clip "Rude Boy", that sexy clip where is is in tight leggings and moving her hips in suggestive ways... Many parents are not aware that most hip moving dances have sexual connotations.

Or even Beyonce....pff!!! Even Bollywood is not a good example..."Kiss me here..touch me that"...and kids dancing on that!

Isn't that an easier way to promote pedophilia? I mean it's just giving "hot" clips of the kids on a platter to them!

I sincerely hope the promoters of such competitions will realise that and stop turning those lil kids into sex bombs before their age. Kids should keep their innocence...

Thank you for your comments...

NOTE: The pics were taken from the internet.


Yashvin said...

I would have loved to see how the Mauritian version looks like lol, just to be able to write a better comment.

Try to shoot a picture if ever you know that the show will be broadcast again, most probably YES, several times, since you are on MBC :P

reena.dkl said...

Actually the show is already over. And I did not wish to post the pics of the kids since it might lead to some parents getting angry etc...even if I hide their face or so..

Check the videos here:
"" the January 9 one.... or any of the other!!!

povedi said...


Well you said, still there need to be competition as everyone of us has hidden skills.... but of course that doesn't need vulgar dancing postures....

the art of dancing is a pleasure itself..

g.i said...

Totally agree with you Reena.
Seems like sex tapes for some is only a matter of when not 'if'.
But u should not be hesitant about the posting of pictures.. since those parents weren't bothered at all to see their daughters doing their shows.