Monday, December 27, 2010

Gorilla seen around the island on Christmas eve!!!

24th December 2010
after 7p.m

People walking on the streets of Rose Hill are surprised by a huge Gorilla. Some stopped to watch the animal while others were so shocked by it's sight. The animal however showed no reaction whatsoever.

Later it was noticed in the streets of Port Louis.

The next day it was seen around Mahebourg, still in the same car...

Frightening nah? Letting loose such an animal in the streets...what do the authorities have to say about it?

Contacted, the owners simply said:

"Well, the very first time we saw it, we simply made up our mind to offer it to our 11 months daughter. Christmas was the perfect time."

Below are couple of pics of the dangerous animal!

pic taken in Port Louis...

pic taken in Mahebourg...


Yashvin said...

ho ho ho!
attention zotte ramasse li!

merry xmas n happy new year!

Dakshinee said...

LOL...that's tooo cuttee :)

Dakshinee said...

lol.....that's tooo cuutteee :)