Monday, November 1, 2010

MCB's new internet banking sucks

Many of you must have already experienced MCB's new internet banking. I am surprised as to how a bank like MCB's standard can provide such a poor online service.

Compared to the old one, the new layout might be better but God does it suck! Really, most of the transactions cannot be displayed, it's too slow, the help button is useless and I can't even get access to most of the past transactions.

Worst, on Saturday night, Michel was checking his account when to his surprise, MCB had charged him twice for the same transaction...AND...hours the next day he was refunded!

MCB which has been here for years and needs no praising for being one of the best banks (according to me) disappointed :(

I wonder if they have internal programmers or do they outsource the internet maintenance, but they really need to get PROS....maybe it's just another example of incompetent people claiming to be PROS and making disasters :P

Anyway, I sincerely hope they remedy the whole service and provide us a flawless internet banking :)


$€|v3n said...

:) it was contracted to an indian company i heard :D MCB doesn't believe in Mauritians i guess :).

Well that's a pathetic job though :D.

As for their internal programmers :p ... well, no comments. Its not their fault i guess :D

Kurt Avish said...

Blogged on this too some days ago. (url)

In my case I saw they keep trying to add money to my account for..let me count.. 22, 25,26,27,... and keep removing the money.. it was for a check which had to be made available balance on 25.

Finally I had to go to their head office to look for an explanation and then the next day I was allowed to withdraw money via a special letter.

I wonder what will happen to other upcoming checks which has already been passed but not yet made available.

They shifted to a news db..from what I heard and a new system too and the migration is a whole of a trouble. But then... were not they supposed to test a new system before implementing??

meanwhile I have shifted to SBM until things become normal at the mcb.

Kevin said...

Well, at start I did believe it really sucks..but I'm getting used to it and got to know how to set my templates..also try to use Google Chrome browser instead of Mozilla and IE7..for me it works fine. I did prefer nonetheless the previous version of the IB..but we are in the technology better bear with it..

Anonymous said...

I do not like this new MCB IB it is very sluggish and slow in response. I often have to disconnect and restart when it hangs. Some of the functions are not user friendly. The previous IB was easier for the user. I am surprised that after all this time they have not improved it.