Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life's Funny "things"

Been ages since I last blog, so I thought I need to at least make a lil effort and write about something...oh I always have so many things to blog about but time is not easy to find with my full time job and 6 months old baby...


Life's funny things...kind of a stupid title but I simply wish to write about certain situations, co-incidences which sound crazy!!!

So, starting with me:

My best friend's name is Reena and her lil sis is called Smita just like mine! Yes, it's 100% true!

I have a cousin called Ashwina Poonum K.
Her sister is called Anju Madhvi K.
Now, I have another cousin who's name is Ashweena Anju K...she simply has the names of the 2 sisters...
AND another cousin who is also called Poonum K...pfff...confusing nah??? lol!

I am born on May 24 and have 2 other cousins born on the same date...
not that interesting but read this:

Set of twins I know in the family:

- My Mawsi has twin girls.
- My Mamu has twin girls. My Mamee (his wife)'s sister has twin boys.
- My Chachi's sister has twin girls.
- Another Chachi;s brother married a woman who has a twin sister and the couple has twin girls now.
-My father in law has a twin sister.

Well, everyone thought I might end up with twins or triplets myself!!! lol!!!

What about your funny / confusing side of life???


Yashvin said...


so, the next one will be twins or triplets :P

reena.dkl said...

no worries...will send them at your place for baby-sitting :P