Monday, December 27, 2010

Gorilla seen around the island on Christmas eve!!!

24th December 2010
after 7p.m

People walking on the streets of Rose Hill are surprised by a huge Gorilla. Some stopped to watch the animal while others were so shocked by it's sight. The animal however showed no reaction whatsoever.

Later it was noticed in the streets of Port Louis.

The next day it was seen around Mahebourg, still in the same car...

Frightening nah? Letting loose such an animal in the streets...what do the authorities have to say about it?

Contacted, the owners simply said:

"Well, the very first time we saw it, we simply made up our mind to offer it to our 11 months daughter. Christmas was the perfect time."

Below are couple of pics of the dangerous animal!

pic taken in Port Louis...

pic taken in Mahebourg...

Monday, November 1, 2010

MCB's new internet banking sucks

Many of you must have already experienced MCB's new internet banking. I am surprised as to how a bank like MCB's standard can provide such a poor online service.

Compared to the old one, the new layout might be better but God does it suck! Really, most of the transactions cannot be displayed, it's too slow, the help button is useless and I can't even get access to most of the past transactions.

Worst, on Saturday night, Michel was checking his account when to his surprise, MCB had charged him twice for the same transaction...AND...hours the next day he was refunded!

MCB which has been here for years and needs no praising for being one of the best banks (according to me) disappointed :(

I wonder if they have internal programmers or do they outsource the internet maintenance, but they really need to get PROS....maybe it's just another example of incompetent people claiming to be PROS and making disasters :P

Anyway, I sincerely hope they remedy the whole service and provide us a flawless internet banking :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yep, I finally changed my mobile and got myself the brand new IPHONE 4, the black one :)

Simply check the pics and the specs:

Camera, photos and video
Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
5-megapixel still camera
VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second with the front camera
Tap to focus video or still images
LED flash
Photo and video geotagging

My points:
Great look!
A bit heavy :(
So many options


I have to admit: I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEND A MSG WITH IT!!! LOL! off to my iphone4 :P

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life's Funny "things"

Been ages since I last blog, so I thought I need to at least make a lil effort and write about something...oh I always have so many things to blog about but time is not easy to find with my full time job and 6 months old baby...


Life's funny things...kind of a stupid title but I simply wish to write about certain situations, co-incidences which sound crazy!!!

So, starting with me:

My best friend's name is Reena and her lil sis is called Smita just like mine! Yes, it's 100% true!

I have a cousin called Ashwina Poonum K.
Her sister is called Anju Madhvi K.
Now, I have another cousin who's name is Ashweena Anju K...she simply has the names of the 2 sisters...
AND another cousin who is also called Poonum K...pfff...confusing nah??? lol!

I am born on May 24 and have 2 other cousins born on the same date...
not that interesting but read this:

Set of twins I know in the family:

- My Mawsi has twin girls.
- My Mamu has twin girls. My Mamee (his wife)'s sister has twin boys.
- My Chachi's sister has twin girls.
- Another Chachi;s brother married a woman who has a twin sister and the couple has twin girls now.
-My father in law has a twin sister.

Well, everyone thought I might end up with twins or triplets myself!!! lol!!!

What about your funny / confusing side of life???

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happier Menstruation Days!!!

Am going insane - so you must be thinking...but NO!!! I recently discovered a wonderful product called - WINALITE Sanitary Napkin.

I was so impressed by the product that I decided to enrol as a re-seller :) Imagine! Having your periods, yet no discomfort, NO LEAKAGE, no need to change every hour or so!!!

Yes, WINALITE Sanitary Napkins offer these little comforts PLUS it is really beneficial to our health. You ever heard of Anion? Well, here follows a little detail on the product...simply check the link...

A very brief look at the benefits of Anion:

Anion in air is like vitamin in food, greatly benefits people's health and everyday routine, therefore, it is also being referred to as vitamin in air, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention, the benefits are different to different organs:

To respiratory system: improves lung function. 30 minutes after anion intake, the lung is able to inhale 20% more oxygen and exhale 14.5% more carbon dioxide.
To cardiovascular system: significantly reduces blood pressure, improves cardiac muscle function and nutrition, facilitates the dilation of capillary vessel and the rise of skin temperature.

To nerve system: energizes whole body, improves sleep quality, eases pain and tension.

To metabolism: activates different enzymes in body, reduces blood sugar level, cholesterol, increases blood calcium, urine amount, increases the amount of nitrogen and creatinine in urine, accelerates bone growth, prevents scurvy, rachitis, vitamin insufficiency.

To blood: increases the number of white and red blood cell, hemoglobin, reticulocyte, blood platelet, globin, heightens PH reading, shortens blood forming time.

To immune system: improves reflex system and endothelial system, enhances body's anti-disease ability.

Well, if you are interested, just email me:

Oh, just a little note to say that you save up to Rs20 or more daily when using Winalite Sanitary Napkins :)

So let's start a healthier lifestyle!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My very first post for this year will be about the undescribable experience of becoming a mum. Why undescribable? Because no matter how much you describe it or words you use, nothing can sincerely give life to the experience.

Wonderful? Fantastic? Magic? Unreal? Ecstasy? Fear?... All these words are only a pinch of emotions you go through from the 1st month of pregnancy to the 9th one.

I think that almost every little girl has played 'la case zouzou' when she was a kid. Dolls, tea cups, dressing up and feeding the kitten or puppy (as if it was your baby), wearing mummy's make up and making a mess of it, trying to walk with high high high heels! As a kid I dreamt of the charming prince, of becoming a mum, cooking food for my kids etc..the whole lot!

As I grew up, the idea of getting married and having a kid became terrifying. What if Mr Right was not Mr Right afterall? Having a kid? Wow! The pain, all the stories you hear about the delivery etc...Biology classes seem so easy..yet cousins, aunts and friends never let go of you without complaining about how much they had to cry, the pain, the injections etc...pfff!!!

Finally I got married and thank God, Mr Right is still Mr Right up to now. Do you know that even after 3 years of marriage I still could not believe I was married to Michel. Why? That's another long story. So, still getting used to the idea of being married to the man of my life, I was pregnant! Cool!!! Much awaited event...

Months 1-3 : HELL of nausea. No throwing up but pfff!!! Could not stand the sight nor smell of food... However, even nausea could not overcome the joy of having a tiny little human being inside me. First time we (Mich and I of course) saw it, the baby was a tiny dot.

I remember the first time we heard it's heart beat. Will never forget it, never...It was life inside was alive and it had a heart...beating fast...beating to survive... I had tears in my eyes. Wanted to cry... laugh... scream... don't really know, but it was magic..definately magic.

Months 4-6 : Back to eating normally. pfff...

'Crustacea' that's how i called the baby when i saw it. It looked like a shrimp. We could clearly see the spinal column and it looked like a shrimp :)

Now I was talking with it everyday, singing and even dancing with the baby inside me. Kicks? Oh mine was real good at it! 'Direct du droit' 'direct du gauche'...kick here..kick there...I got it all! Feeling it move inside you, hoping and praying it's normal and getting enough food from you...

Months 7-9 : I went through HELL... Nausea and throwing up like 3-5 times per day and after each meal! Very few women fall ill in the last stage of pregnancy and I had to be one of the very few :(

Now, delivery...pfffffffffff!!! from 1.30 pm to 5p.m... and tada! a 3.5kg 52cm baby! But believe me, contractions are real hell...oh trust me!

Thank God I had the support of Michel. He was an awesome husband...helping and taking care of me when I was ill, dealing with my impatience, my anger and mood swings during my pregnancy and most of it on the delivery day...poor dear!

2 MONTHS little angel is 2 months old today. Though my nights are spent pacifying her and my day coping with her feeding and diappers, Tasya remains my life. I cannot imagine my life without her anymore. Becoming a mum has turned my emotions to the max. When she cries I have tears in my own for I do not know what is wrong with her. When she sleeps, I cannot stop myself from observing her breathing, her cute little hands, her nose, her eyes...and love it when she smiles during her nap.

So many questions you wish you had answers for. I am not the first nor the last mum on Earth, but I know that I am ready to protect my baby from anything or anyone, even if it means putting my life at risk.

Sometimes I wonder how some people can kill their babies. Such a little cute human being. I can only think of hugging, cuddling, loving, cherishing, protecting my baby...yes, even when she is screaming at 2a.m. Ok, I admit there are times my patience is almost over, yet I will never hit Tasya.

Tasya, an angel...and for me, the most beautiful baby in the world. Yes, I think that all mums think the same and those who don't have a big problem. No matter how my baby is, she is and remains the most wonderful baby in the whole universe in my eyes. Some mums complain about how their babies look like, their skin colour, their eyes, their hair etc... What the hell??? A baby is a baby, no matter what..

2 months already and still a long very long way to go i hope :)

Proud mum signing off for 2day :)

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