Friday, December 25, 2009

2009's blogging...

Already December 26th...

If I have to evaluate my blogging in 2009 I would qualify it as poor and rare, THOUGH it's not the motivation nor desire to blog which was absent. Maybe time is a prime factor.

2009 has seen me going through so many changes. Setting up my own company (lol! 1 person tiny lil company..), working alone at home, my health issues plus a mega huge event which I shall blog about next year for sure :)

I did miss blogging but tried at least to comment on other's blog just to keep the spirit of blogging alive. Actually, most of my comments were on Yashvin's!

Anyway...2009 also saw the 1st and 2nd Blogger's meeting which was awesome according to me, especially the 2nd one. I got to know more bloggers and realise how much fun we can all have no matter what age or work we do. Best part of it for me was that Michel got to participate in the meeting too :) I have to thank all the bloggers to be this open and allow non-bloggers to join in. This is a wonderful spirit because it shows that we consider the feelings of the other bloggers too.

Am all eager for the 3rd Blogger's meeting which will certainly take place in 2010. Youhou Yashvin, Morina and Jevin!!! (They are the ones who really set everything up for the last meeting...)

Well, 2009 is fading away and 2010 is already showing it's nose...


Pfff!!! Blog more, work more??? don't know..haven't thought much about it really...but here we are, belated Xmas wishes and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Let's hope our blogging community will face 2010 with the same spirit and solidarity it started with in 2009 (refer to 1st and 2nd Bloggers' meeting)...

Ok 2010, you can come... :P


Yashvin said...

Oh, I am flattered :)
Yeah, u did comment a lot, and made ennemies too with my colleagues lol.

Michel? He did not only participate but was the "talk of the town" at some moment, especially when he sacrificed himself and jumper into the water to get back the frisby or ball :P

Yeah, definitely, a bloggers' event will be for soon :)

As for the mega big event, I think that some of us already know what you are talking about. I really hope that the next few weeks, or months go along very well.

Wish you and "your mari" a very happy new year and hope that 2010 will be a prosperous and lucky year for your family :)


reena.dkl said...

Lol! Guess your colleague found it real fun to have someone to argue with..spiced up his days... :P

Oh Mich will be there next time too... IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!!! lol!

Health is not that gr8 right now but am hoping 2010 will be THE YEAR where things will be far, health, finance (si ti kapav gagne au moins 10millions LOTO!!! meme camion bis tous mo accepter!!!hihihi!)....

Anyway, u tek ker too!!! C ya in 2010!