Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creole in School....

Creole in School as a subject will most probably result in everything being 'Creolised'...

For instance:

OR even

Well, let's see what happens if they really introduce Creole as a subject in school. I still maintain that it's a BS idea. I have talked with my uncle (Head Teacher), my father-in-law (ex Deputy Head Teacher), my ex primary school teacher, my cousins (all secondary teachers) and they all agree that it's only gonna bring the child to a lower level of French and it will never help them in any job or whatever.

My uncle says that teachers already use Creole to make the kids better understand certain things, but not as a subject.

Now, let's see how many private schools are gonna introduce Creole among their subjects... against it and it's my opinion...

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Yashvin said...

ReenaDKL is Back!


Thats a whole family in the education sector :P

I am still for using creole to teach, but not as an official language. Many have already shared their opinions on my article

Have a nice day, sorry, passe ene bonne zournée!

reena.dkl said...

Yeah...well am back...

As you say I've already given my opinion loud and clear on your blog...

This is just a little something I wanted to add :)

Nice day to you too! (am not gonna say that in Creole! lol! )

Bruno said...

Whether you like it or not, you cannot stop progress. Progressive ideas like creole in school will have a lot of conservative detractors like you, but in the end, it's going to be introduced.

It's the same thing for carbon taxes, council taxes (tax village), anti-sedition laws ...

reena.dkl said...

Progressive ideas???

Anyway, like I said before, let's hope your kids do their University Masters and major in sure u'll be a very proud parent...

Maybe we should abolish English and French and stick only to Creole...
Well, that's my opinion and I respect yours....

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We're lucky to have our own native language here in Mauritius. I think we should give it the space it deserves. People tend to believe that they are higher up in the food chain if they speak french instead of kreol. check this

Having said that I believe that the English (just like a lot of other stuff) spoken here is very bookish and many a Mauritian would be challenged to have a simple conversation in English.

It's not really a question of either or. We should excel in all of them and add a couple of foreign ones on the menu too.

Have a look here

reena.dkl said...

@ Sanjay

Thnx for the comment...

I agree that it's wonderful to speak a language no one else does except we Mauritians...but teaching that in schools...well am not that keen with this precise idea.

Check Yashvin's link and you will see all the reasons why am not for the teaching of Creole in School.

YaSHnaH said...

I do agree with you..
Creol is not "something" which can be introduced at school.
Firstly, because it's a really stupid thing as learning creol at school will disable your english and french.Secondly, if you want your ward to learn creol at school then don't ever send him abroad!
It's a waste of time.
Everyone nowadays wants to study abroad!
So learning creol will never help them there.
Someone here said something like "progressive". It's just bullshit man!
I mean I do respect your opinion but don't be so blind...
No one will ever progress with creol!
Once in my form 1 french book..there was a poem in creol..
nearly no one was able to read it in class!
creol can be spoken fluently but not learnt!!
It's true that teachers use creol for explanation but it's not because of that creol should be taught at school!
Our official language is english..
We should all go forward with it!
Actually in primary schools we're studying 6 subjects which is not easy in fact! Just go and ask these students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And in secondary shools, 14 to 17 sujects form 1...
Isn't it enough...
Don't try to kill these students guys!
they are human after all!
I dont really think they want to learn creol!
Before deciding for them just go and ask them first!
Last one...
all of you go and chek out your parents, sisters, brothers who have already done their masters etc! Or even you yourself!!!
Today they have achieved something..
Have they ever learnt creol at school?!!!

sanjay jagatsingh said...

People seem to forget that you need some time to learn and write any language. French is a much more difficult language to learn than kreol.

Kreol can certainly be learnt. We can have optional kreol classes and those who want can go and learn it. We've already gone over a tipping point: we have a grafi-larmoni, a dictionary and Google has its search engine in kreol.

Kids at school have indeed way too much to learn. That's not because kreol exist. That's because our system relies a little bit too much on rote learning and because semesters are cumulative. That can be changed.

Will check Yashvin's link

reena.dkl said...

@ Sanjay and Bruno:

Please do some research on what happened in Madagascar...for now check this link and hope you understand what I really mean...

Many who fought to teach Malagasy found themselves sending their own kids to private schools because they realised that they made a HUGE mistake in supporting the decision to teach Malagasy in schools...

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