Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Miss ya Miss...

It's here again...the Miss Mauritius contest.

Miss (title of respect for an unmarried woman, conventionally prefixed to her name or to the name of that which she represents)


Miss ( to fail of effect or success; be unsuccessful)...

Now, am not going to be bitchy but i need to share my feelings about this.

Many countries and associations are against the contest. I do understand their point of view, for the one should not be appreciated for her figure but for what she is, as a person. The real beauty is what lies beneath, not what you show under layers of make-up.

On the other hand, there is the beauty with a purpose thing...maybe it's not that bad after all.

However my blog will be more about our Miss, that is Miss Mauritius. Now there has been so many controversies concerning the organisation, organisers, jury members, etc...actually the whole contest itself.

Like when the 2 sisters made it year after year. There were talks about the winner already knowing she will make it. Or the daughter of a well known journalist who was telling everyone that she was going to be the winner even before the competition!

Anyway, my point is, as far as the Miss Mauritius contest will be in the hands of certain (I won't say incompetent) people, Mauritius will never be among the 15 first in neither Miss World nor Miss Universe.

Let's take the example of Famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai or Miss Universe Sushmita Sen or Miss China Zi Lin Zhang the Miss World 2007 winner. There was no doubt they were gonna make it. They had the figure, the style, the intelligence, the academic qualifications, the charisma, the charm and spoke with confidence.

These Miss had months of preparation before going to those International competitions. They had elocution classes, make-up tips from Pros and so many other important things which Miss Mauritius is not even aware exists.

We still have along way to go before we reach to the Finals, make it at least the semi-finals. may be we should start by making the contest a real one, not a family affair. USA has 7 Miss Universe Winners! Look at India for many Miss World winners!!!

I believe that Miss Mauritius contest should be in English, for the Miss will be answering questions in English out there.

Also, tell me one thing...when you are walking in the streets of Port Louis alone, how many beautiful girl do you see? How many very beautiful and intelligent girls are there in Mauritius? Certainly more than the ones who apply for the contest. Now, why don't these girl go for the contest you ask. Well, if I was beautiful and intelligent, I'd refuse too. After all the gossips on the 'manipulated' contest, no one intelligent enough would go to make a fool of herself out there.

Well, here is the link to the Miss Universe where our Miss is participating. Though I doubt Miss Mauritius 2008 will make any difference out there... (without being mean..)

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Yashvin said...

I totally agree with you.
I also believe that the competition in Mauritius is not really one. People are not interested in stupid things, except Pepsi Sega Hungama whose secrets are coming out now :P

I do not give any interest in that Miss Mauritius, but this does not mean that I am not proud of my island. Its just that sometimes they sound stupid.

reena.dkl said...

I am proud to be Mauritian's just that Miss Mauritius is a farce. There is no professionalism concerning the organisation nor the jury members...

Most of the times, the winners already know they will be winning...I have read so many misadventures of past candidates. The way they were treated by the organisers, etc...

Anyway, lets' hope Miss Mauritius will find better hands to turn it into something worthy and fair.

Bruno said...

You missed out the REAL problem with the Miss Mauritius contest:

The girls who are beautiful and intelligent in Mauritius do not want to participate in the contest coz they find it ridiculous and pointless ... normal ki finalement competition la zinn bom apres

reena.dkl said...


I knew someone was going to say it, so ... :)

It's true that bcoz the contest is total BS, INTELLIGENT persons wont risk making fools of themselves...

carrotmadman6 said...

In other news:
Mauritius sends MJ-lookalike to Miss Universe -


reena.dkl said...

@ carrotmadman6:

poor are degrading his!

Ashfaq said...

hmm.. well, i do not totally agree with you.. To the extent that, for me, a Beauty competition aims at selecting the Most Beautiful of the girls..
Now, if you want a competition with intelligent and beautiful girls, better make a Miss Nerdy Pageant ! lolzz..

The great problem about this specific competition in mauritius is that, and i am sorry to say it, however it is a fact beyond denial, there has been no winners except from a specific ethic group.

However, Your post suggest that india has had sooo many Miss world and universe.. So, to have a bigger chance, somewhere, a south-asian ethic looking girl would do the job better..
Is it your reasoning or my conclusion, i do not know well.. lolz..
But, however, their are some facts as i said above which are pretty weird. I just hope beauty is selected beyond ethnicity :)

Ashfaq said...

oh yea .. pfft.. i forgot this one .. my post of yesterday !! .. just the link to vote for Our Miss ! lolz..

morinn said...

LOL @ Carrotmadman!

That's an excellent post Reena and I totally agree with your points, especially about carrying out the Mauritian contest exclusively in English! We've all too often seen some contestants who could not answer a word of English get nominated among the first ones.

s4ndeep said...

lol.. really.. miss mauritius isnt for showbiz.. its like.. uhh.. a humor show.. :)

U said it right, its in the hands or the jury, the organizers.

The Miss Mauritius Contest itself doesnt have a very good reputation.. its just there.. because every country have it..!
MBC PUB: Yo!! kisana envi fer miss morice? avoy zot foto vit vit!! -Madhoo

I wonder who's send..

But who remember the 'Elite' model contest recently? that was classy! thats the way it should be done!

reena.dkl said...

@ Ashfaq:

No, my point is that India has a lot of Miss World n Universe, just like the USA, because they are trained to show off their best. The contest is about Beauty with a brain...guess the dream of mo0st!

Mauritius it's more about winning if you are the parent of X, Y or Z...or the daughter of A, B or C...

And the Miss we have are well...bof...leaving the intelligence aside..

@ Morinn...very true! Even some have awful french!!! Can't believe my ears sometimes...pff!!!

@S4ndeep...Elite is more PRO coz it's the international organisers who come down here to see to it that things are done as per the rules etc...

Thnx 4 ur comments all :)

Angele said...

Did you see the national dress miss Mauritius will be wearing on Miss World (or is it Miss Universe? Whatever.)? Damn... the dress is sooo ugly! All green and leafy o_O

Dimoune dans les zots pays pou penser Moris tellement pauvre ki nu bisin servi la liane ek feuillage pou coudre nu bane linze! :o

reena.dkl said...

I think that the green dress looks totally looks like moss has grown on her...

There are far better designers in Mauritius who could have done wonders...but like I said, the contest is such BS....

Kurt Avish said...

Your profile has been added to Island Website. :-)

fadilnet said...

I do not understand the promotion of female and male attributes in contests which promote promiscuity.

Male/Female Beauty can be seen in your lover.

I wish all those who promote promiscuity to suffer and to lead a life full of suffering. - At least, I'm being honest and writing my beliefs.