Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smoking VS Incinerator

The government has banned smoking in public places as from March 2009. Great idea and decision. However, as stupid and ironic as it may seem, they are going ahead with the Gamma-Coventa project. Where's the logic you ask? Well, neither do I find any logic. The government bans smoking in public for Health safety but is implementing a bigger smoke producing machine right under our nose...Talk about good sense...

Ok, now most of you would say that instead of complaining we should propose solutions and try to come up with ideas of how to reduce the garbage etc...

This is what I suggest:

1. Instead of investing in an incinerator project, Gamma should invest in a recycling factory. Can you imagine the quantity of newspaper people read in Mauritius? A factory could easily recycle the newspapers into recycled bags, pages, or used for craft where it suits.

2. Gamma should invest in putting separate bins in each and every household: Cans, Plastic, Bottles, Newspaper etc... That way we are also recycling plastic and bottles which can be re-used.

These are the very few positive things Gamma could invest into instead of his stupid incinerator.

Now, only last week I read in the newspaper about the effects of Dioxide in the air. It is recommended not to eat meat and vegetables coming from around the incinerator zone...

What will the people rearing cattle and poultry at St Martin do? Will they stop doing that or will they simply sell their products without letting people know where the meat comes from and contaminate everyone in the country. This might be food for thought for the ones living far from Roche Brunes, La Chaumiere, Bambous, Mont-Roches who think that they are not concerned.

The same applies to the people who grow vegetables at La Ferme. Not o mention that there is also a reservoir near!!! I wonder if the government is not trying to get us simply killed!!!

My worry is that once the incinerator is set up, we will eventually start falling ill, it might take years but it will come. Then it will be the same story as Smoking. It will slowly be banned and thousands of people will be dead because a selfish PM and his stupid government were bribed into accepting a dangerous project like Gamma-Coventa.

Mr Ah Tek once said that we have to take risks in life. Man, I don't smoke and don't drink. My whole family (about 50 people) never smoked in their entire life. My husband does not smoke nor drink (same applies to his family, about 6 people). We stay far from smoking people. We don't go to pubs because of the smoke and now you want to persuade me to take risks??? Why doesn't Mr Ah-Tek or the pM build the f%^&*ing incinerator in their own yards outside their house????

I though we were free to decide in this country. Maybe I misunderstood the term free. Maybe we are simply free to THINK we are free.....