Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who governs what?

Who governs what in Mauritius?

Our dear(irony) PM is writing a book: "Who governs Mauritius?"

Yes, you may as well laugh for I asked myself the same question: Is he really writing it or is someone doing it for him???

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Anyway...if I had to answer his book title I'd say this: Any stupid son of an ex politician thinks he can govern Mauritius!
Proof: SSR - Navin Ramgoolam (NR)
Aneerood Jugnauth - Pravin Jugnauth (PJ)
Gaetan Duval - Xavier Duval (XD)

Actually it's not even their fault. They cherished the dream of being at the head of the country and enjoy. Fair enough...the biggest people at fault are the voters, that is us. We allow them to sit at the head of the country and waste our money. Yes, they are paid by our own money.

Can you imagine? We vote for them to be there, we pay for their salary and they treat us like scum? Maybe Mauritius has yet to experience it's revolution and show those at the head that they are nothing without us, so stop treating us as imbeciles (though some are for they re-vote the same piece of BS years and years after...)

The most disgusting bit is that each of them is trying to rule Mauritius as per his wish. NR says that he did not allow the Ferney project for it would have resulted into 'ene catastrophe ecologique..." but concerning the 'La Chaumiere' project he said that no one will stop him from going ahead with progress for the island. Total BS!!!

XD is trying to sell Mauritius to any Tom, Dick or Harry who can afford to. We Mauritians are seeing OUR beach being reduced to nothing as the hotels are eating every single beautiful one.

Picture Source: Internet

Some people called him 'Le Roi des Creoles". Lol! C'mon! Wearing a straw hat and moving to a few segas makes him nothing more than a
hypocrite. All those 'La foire Creoles' are simple ways of blurring the visions of the poor and middle class.

Concerning PJ, well, he is too young and proud to be a good and effective PM. At least he spares us the 'Mo papa ti fer papa ti dire sa.." compared to the stupid NR and XD.


Who really governs Mauritius after all? Thank God they don't have sons who will follow their steps...unless their daughters do it...



Yashvin said...

lol @ your "sources" : internet

I call that the Political Gene.
Another example could be George Bush :P

No matter which party wins the elections, they will always behave the same as their predecessors.

It usually goes in this order:
1. Once elected, they will put the blame on the previous government which will be sitting in the opposition party.
2. As for the opposition party, they will be criticizing the government, for things that they did not succeed to do during their rule.

Its a fact:
Each one of them will protect their own people such as political agents etc.

Voting is one of our constitutional right, and we should be happy that we are in a democracy and we have the opportunity to express ourselves.
We only have to choose the best one for the benefit of the country and thyself.

ReenaDKL is back!

reena.dkl said...


Yeah, you know what is really the best of all things? When the PM sues journalists for saying the truth... Remember the one who was arrested once? Lol! Hope I will not be arrested. Maybe I could sue him in return and ask for a couple of millions...hihihi!

Yeah...guess am back...and happy to be!

Yashvin said...

Oh that journalist case.

Well, I am not quite updated with the exact details, but the only way to be sure about the exact happenings would be to listen to the conversation which took place.

Anyway, I don't think that calling him on phone and complaining would be the right channel to convey information, despite the fact that the journalist called him at a place we call home and which we are paying :P

Would you accept that some of your company's client call you at home to complain?

reena.dkl said...

No, I was thinking about someone else...from L'express I think..maybe I did not get my facts right. Anyway I think te latter was not arrested but subject to question or something like that. Maybe someone could clarify the matter here....

Kurt Avish said...

Who governs the country... the son of an ex political leader always.

I think we ourselves created and promoted that beast. By beast I mean this culture and trend of only always voting the son of another ex politician to rule.

Its a bitter truth, that if I go for an election to stand as candidate and my rival is the son of lets assume Rama Sithanen, then of course no one votes for me because my dad is not a political leader even though I can be much btter at politics than him. (Just example)

Its our own faults.

reena.dkl said...

@Kurt Avish

Exactly what I mean...shame people sell their votes to a briani take!