Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacrifice from our Ministers

You must all have heard that all the Ministers will have their salary reduced by Rs.10,000.000 Yes, what a HUGE SACRIFICE on their behalf!

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LOL!!! Do you really believe that it is a sacrifice or just another way to blind the already feet kissing A holes Mauritians???

This is how I see it:

Minister 01: Hey we need a salary raise! W can't live with this misery!

Minister 02: You are totally right. Yesterday my son was telling me that Rs.15,000.00 per month for his car is not enough. Plus my daughter was able to buy only 10 designer collection bags last year.

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Minister 03: Oh and what about me? I need to wear unique saris when we go to official outings. I get them direct from India and at this rate, I will not be able to get even 15 pieces per month!

Minister 04: Ok! ok! I will do something in the next budget. but the thing is I can't raise our salary alone...people will talk...

Minister 01: Then why don't you raise the salary for a few friends of ours who are sitting doing nothings at the head of governmental institutes? That people will see that we re not selfish.

Minister 04: Yes, but there is a recession prediction for the year after, what to do? People will be angry!

Minister 02: Oh yes, we have to find a solution for that! But we need to have that salary raise!

Minister 04: Wait..there is something we might do...Let's say we are actually being paid Rs.50,000.00 monthly. In the next budget I was to raise all our salary to Rs.100,000.00. Instead I will raise it to Rs.110,000.00. Then the year after for the budget I will say that we are all reducing Rs.10,000.00 from our salary...what say???

All the Ministers: YES! YES!

Minister 04: Fantastic, that way we enjoy a surplus of Rs.10,000.00 for one full year and the next year we look like Saints in the eyes of the stupid voters who will be all happy and cheer for our sacrifice!

So, this is what I do you see it???


Yashvin said...

Everything is fair in politics :P

I will keep repeating :
Everyone who is in politics does exactly the same once they are in power.

Kurt Avish said...

Haha good scenario above. Many do not yet see the strategy however.

reena.dkl said...

I believe there are blind people and people who do not want to see...most Mauritians are the latter, they do not want to see as long as the PM dances a few segas or Bhojpuri songs, they are happy!

"Wai! Mari seryer!"


fadilnet said...

Strategy or not - who gives a frak?
When it comes to salary of other entities, STFU! Mind your own business and make your money (everybody pays taxes anyway.)

Those of whom you refer as blind just don't give a shit.

E.g No matter who gets a vote or is elected isn't going to change the fact that you'll get fu*ked. In fact, all of you represent a pre-fu*ked Nation.

Should you blame ministers? Of course, not! You should use your business acumen and make some money instead of bitc*ing about life, ministers, the country.

reena.dkl said...

@ fadilnet

"You should use your business acumen and make some money instead of bitc*ing about life, ministers, the country."

That's exactly what am doing, setting up my own business, but it's so fun to bitch also :P

Anonymous said...

They are just a bunch of thieves who want to make their pockets fatter!

Offtopic:Reena, Send me mails on the hotmail address..The yahoo one, I check it once per month whereas the hotmail one is like 5 times per day.xD

fadilnet said...

Reena, if you want to embrace the business world, you should gather information about your competitors and market policies.
You should not give a frak about ministers but about country policies which affect your business which must be aligned to gained a competitive advantage.
So, no more bitching. Focus, draw your inner acumen from within, and make money!