Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacrifice from our Ministers

You must all have heard that all the Ministers will have their salary reduced by Rs.10,000.000 Yes, what a HUGE SACRIFICE on their behalf!

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LOL!!! Do you really believe that it is a sacrifice or just another way to blind the already feet kissing A holes Mauritians???

This is how I see it:

Minister 01: Hey we need a salary raise! W can't live with this misery!

Minister 02: You are totally right. Yesterday my son was telling me that Rs.15,000.00 per month for his car is not enough. Plus my daughter was able to buy only 10 designer collection bags last year.

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Minister 03: Oh and what about me? I need to wear unique saris when we go to official outings. I get them direct from India and at this rate, I will not be able to get even 15 pieces per month!

Minister 04: Ok! ok! I will do something in the next budget. but the thing is I can't raise our salary alone...people will talk...

Minister 01: Then why don't you raise the salary for a few friends of ours who are sitting doing nothings at the head of governmental institutes? That people will see that we re not selfish.

Minister 04: Yes, but there is a recession prediction for the year after, what to do? People will be angry!

Minister 02: Oh yes, we have to find a solution for that! But we need to have that salary raise!

Minister 04: Wait..there is something we might do...Let's say we are actually being paid Rs.50,000.00 monthly. In the next budget I was to raise all our salary to Rs.100,000.00. Instead I will raise it to Rs.110,000.00. Then the year after for the budget I will say that we are all reducing Rs.10,000.00 from our salary...what say???

All the Ministers: YES! YES!

Minister 04: Fantastic, that way we enjoy a surplus of Rs.10,000.00 for one full year and the next year we look like Saints in the eyes of the stupid voters who will be all happy and cheer for our sacrifice!

So, this is what I do you see it???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who governs what?

Who governs what in Mauritius?

Our dear(irony) PM is writing a book: "Who governs Mauritius?"

Yes, you may as well laugh for I asked myself the same question: Is he really writing it or is someone doing it for him???

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Anyway...if I had to answer his book title I'd say this: Any stupid son of an ex politician thinks he can govern Mauritius!
Proof: SSR - Navin Ramgoolam (NR)
Aneerood Jugnauth - Pravin Jugnauth (PJ)
Gaetan Duval - Xavier Duval (XD)

Actually it's not even their fault. They cherished the dream of being at the head of the country and enjoy. Fair enough...the biggest people at fault are the voters, that is us. We allow them to sit at the head of the country and waste our money. Yes, they are paid by our own money.

Can you imagine? We vote for them to be there, we pay for their salary and they treat us like scum? Maybe Mauritius has yet to experience it's revolution and show those at the head that they are nothing without us, so stop treating us as imbeciles (though some are for they re-vote the same piece of BS years and years after...)

The most disgusting bit is that each of them is trying to rule Mauritius as per his wish. NR says that he did not allow the Ferney project for it would have resulted into 'ene catastrophe ecologique..." but concerning the 'La Chaumiere' project he said that no one will stop him from going ahead with progress for the island. Total BS!!!

XD is trying to sell Mauritius to any Tom, Dick or Harry who can afford to. We Mauritians are seeing OUR beach being reduced to nothing as the hotels are eating every single beautiful one.

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Some people called him 'Le Roi des Creoles". Lol! C'mon! Wearing a straw hat and moving to a few segas makes him nothing more than a
hypocrite. All those 'La foire Creoles' are simple ways of blurring the visions of the poor and middle class.

Concerning PJ, well, he is too young and proud to be a good and effective PM. At least he spares us the 'Mo papa ti fer papa ti dire sa.." compared to the stupid NR and XD.


Who really governs Mauritius after all? Thank God they don't have sons who will follow their steps...unless their daughters do it...