Thursday, February 12, 2009



The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, a word derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή) (meaning Friday), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς) (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía (φοβία) (meaning fear).



Well, today is Friday 13 and I know that in Mauritius many will be very careful.

I think Friday 13 on the contrary is kind of fun for me...I remember that one Friday 13 in 1996, I was preparing myself to go to college when my uncle comes by and sounds strange...he looks at me and says:

"Fer attention kan to p ale lecol zordi..mone fer ene extra mauvais reve lor ine fer ene accident grave ek tone mort.."

Wow! I thought! Imagine being told something like that on a Friday 13! Well, it did not stop me from going to school.

At school, the funny part was that it is very well known that many students don't have classes in MGI. So, on that day our teacher said we'll just sit outside and do our class..Fine, as students we all loved the idea! Hep! Just as we took place around her, rain started to fall when seconds before there was a huge sun above! we try to find another place to sit...

Later I was doing my hindi class. The teacher with only 3 students (me included) were in a small class in some corner of MGI. Quite to what we were used to, there was a deep silence around. the teacher asked one of us to go look what is going on since it's SOOOO silent! Guess what!!! The girl comes running saying that the whole floor is empty and all the kids are standing outside on the football ground far away as: THERE WAS A BOBM ALERT!!! God! and we were the only ones in class! Guess they missed us :( So we rushed to the football ground and waited for the police etc... to clear all doubts of bomb...Imagine if there was really a bomb! I'd not be here blogging! lol!

Same day, couple of hours before we go home, my friends decide to go to the library to change our books. Just as we step out of class, Naz trips and falls over Anj, leaving both down on the floor, with Naz on top of Anj... Ok am not being mean but I still recall the whole scene even after 13 years!!! It was so funny!!! It's like it happened in slow motion...

Now wasn't that some fuuny Friday 13??? AND!! Guess what??? Am blogging about a 13 year old story on a Friday 13!!! Hope I get to live through this day without any bad surprise :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My very first blog for this year and I so much wanted it to be about a particular movie, CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA.

Yes! The much awaited movie (definitely by me!).

So the story is about Sidhu (oh so cute with his little hair tail at the back..)who believes he has a destiny to achieve and be a great man one day. He is conned by a friend to go to China where his "supposed" destiny awaits him...

BREF! In the whole I loved Akshay Kumar. Best shot of his is the one from the song Chak Lein De where he is standing on the great wall of China and looking around. WOW! If I was not married I'd rush to India!

(Joking..anyway..but he was drop dead GORGEOUS!)

Now Deepika looked stupid as Miss TSM, yet her twin was simply sexy, cool and beautiful. Yes, I admit that I was impressed by her Suzy role. Way to go girl...See my point here is that some heroines just can't get out of the typical running around trees act. Yeah, on the other hand maybe she did not say much as Suzy and that is why she was perfect...hihihi!

Anyway, I ADORED THE MOVIE! LAUGHED like mad (as always!!!) and! and! and! even Michel liked the movie! And I for sure know that he hates Hindi comedies which are so stupid at times...I agree with him here..sometimes some movies are simply ridiculous when it comes to comedy...pff!!!

Though my favourite one remains 'HERA PHERI' the first one, I must say that after Dostana, CC2C (Chandni Chowk to China) shines. That's my opinion anyway.

Go watch it! I've seen it 2 times already at the cinema hall and wish I could watch it again...(which I certainly will).

Then why did the movie flop you ask...Well, I believe that Akshay had so much hits (super hits!!!) in a row that some people of Bollywood have decided to boycott it in an unofficial way. So sad...

Just make up your own mind and don't let others influence you. So what if some think the movie is stupid, at least I had my share of laugh :p