Friday, December 25, 2009

2009's blogging...

Already December 26th...

If I have to evaluate my blogging in 2009 I would qualify it as poor and rare, THOUGH it's not the motivation nor desire to blog which was absent. Maybe time is a prime factor.

2009 has seen me going through so many changes. Setting up my own company (lol! 1 person tiny lil company..), working alone at home, my health issues plus a mega huge event which I shall blog about next year for sure :)

I did miss blogging but tried at least to comment on other's blog just to keep the spirit of blogging alive. Actually, most of my comments were on Yashvin's!

Anyway...2009 also saw the 1st and 2nd Blogger's meeting which was awesome according to me, especially the 2nd one. I got to know more bloggers and realise how much fun we can all have no matter what age or work we do. Best part of it for me was that Michel got to participate in the meeting too :) I have to thank all the bloggers to be this open and allow non-bloggers to join in. This is a wonderful spirit because it shows that we consider the feelings of the other bloggers too.

Am all eager for the 3rd Blogger's meeting which will certainly take place in 2010. Youhou Yashvin, Morina and Jevin!!! (They are the ones who really set everything up for the last meeting...)

Well, 2009 is fading away and 2010 is already showing it's nose...


Pfff!!! Blog more, work more??? don't know..haven't thought much about it really...but here we are, belated Xmas wishes and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Let's hope our blogging community will face 2010 with the same spirit and solidarity it started with in 2009 (refer to 1st and 2nd Bloggers' meeting)...

Ok 2010, you can come... :P

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creole in School....

Creole in School as a subject will most probably result in everything being 'Creolised'...

For instance:

OR even

Well, let's see what happens if they really introduce Creole as a subject in school. I still maintain that it's a BS idea. I have talked with my uncle (Head Teacher), my father-in-law (ex Deputy Head Teacher), my ex primary school teacher, my cousins (all secondary teachers) and they all agree that it's only gonna bring the child to a lower level of French and it will never help them in any job or whatever.

My uncle says that teachers already use Creole to make the kids better understand certain things, but not as a subject.

Now, let's see how many private schools are gonna introduce Creole among their subjects... against it and it's my opinion...

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Miss ya Miss...

It's here again...the Miss Mauritius contest.

Miss (title of respect for an unmarried woman, conventionally prefixed to her name or to the name of that which she represents)


Miss ( to fail of effect or success; be unsuccessful)...

Now, am not going to be bitchy but i need to share my feelings about this.

Many countries and associations are against the contest. I do understand their point of view, for the one should not be appreciated for her figure but for what she is, as a person. The real beauty is what lies beneath, not what you show under layers of make-up.

On the other hand, there is the beauty with a purpose thing...maybe it's not that bad after all.

However my blog will be more about our Miss, that is Miss Mauritius. Now there has been so many controversies concerning the organisation, organisers, jury members, etc...actually the whole contest itself.

Like when the 2 sisters made it year after year. There were talks about the winner already knowing she will make it. Or the daughter of a well known journalist who was telling everyone that she was going to be the winner even before the competition!

Anyway, my point is, as far as the Miss Mauritius contest will be in the hands of certain (I won't say incompetent) people, Mauritius will never be among the 15 first in neither Miss World nor Miss Universe.

Let's take the example of Famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai or Miss Universe Sushmita Sen or Miss China Zi Lin Zhang the Miss World 2007 winner. There was no doubt they were gonna make it. They had the figure, the style, the intelligence, the academic qualifications, the charisma, the charm and spoke with confidence.

These Miss had months of preparation before going to those International competitions. They had elocution classes, make-up tips from Pros and so many other important things which Miss Mauritius is not even aware exists.

We still have along way to go before we reach to the Finals, make it at least the semi-finals. may be we should start by making the contest a real one, not a family affair. USA has 7 Miss Universe Winners! Look at India for many Miss World winners!!!

I believe that Miss Mauritius contest should be in English, for the Miss will be answering questions in English out there.

Also, tell me one thing...when you are walking in the streets of Port Louis alone, how many beautiful girl do you see? How many very beautiful and intelligent girls are there in Mauritius? Certainly more than the ones who apply for the contest. Now, why don't these girl go for the contest you ask. Well, if I was beautiful and intelligent, I'd refuse too. After all the gossips on the 'manipulated' contest, no one intelligent enough would go to make a fool of herself out there.

Well, here is the link to the Miss Universe where our Miss is participating. Though I doubt Miss Mauritius 2008 will make any difference out there... (without being mean..)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The man who had his periods....

The title might intrigue you, but please be patient. Let me first introduce the subject to you. Periods, that is menstruation. Obviously almost everyone knows what it is, even boys for you have sisters, friends and girlfriends who must be complaining about the pain at times. Unfortunately, though some may suffer from normal period pains, others are kneeling in their toilets, throwing up, having trouble breathing, fainting, feeling cold and hot and much more.

These symptoms could be the sign of Endometriosis. ( From Wikipedia : Endometriosis (from endo, "inside", and metra, "womb") is a medical condition in women in which endometrial cells are deposited in areas outside the uterine cavity. The uterine cavity is lined by endometrial cells, which are under the influence of female hormones. Endometrial cells deposited in areas outside the uterus (endometriosis) continue to be influenced by these hormonal changes and respond similarly as do those cells found inside the uterus. Symptoms often exacerbate in time with the menstrual cycle.)

Quite freaking nah? Sadly though, many doctors don't even diagnose it as such even if the symptoms re quite clear:

* nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizzy spells, vertigo or diarrhea—particularly just prior to or during the period or after
* frequent or constant menses flow
* chronic fatigue
* heavy or long uncontrollable menstrual periods with small or large blood clots
* some women may also suffer mood swings
* extreme pain in legs and thighs
* Back pain
* extreme pain from frequent ovarian cysts
* Pain from adhesion which may bind an ovary to the side of the pelvic wall, or they may extend between the bladder and the bowel,uterus, etc
* extreme pain with or without the presence of menses
* mild to severe constipation[citation needed]
* frequent uti's (urinary tract infections)
* urgent diarrhea
* difficulty carrying out normal day to day tasks
* incontinence
* anemia

I have been suffering from severe period pains about 2 years after I had them. It started out as normal (well it depends on how you describe normal, for me it's bearable...) pain. Then it started to get worse. I could not even take exams without a high dose of pain killers. It was like something was cutting it's way through your womb. Am sure most girls will agree with that.

I remember I even fainted once at the SOD and had to be rushed to the emergency. Now, there are things you can faint, but this I swear is a serious case. When I started to work, I had to go through it with pain killers but it was getting worse for instead of taking a 200mg pill I had to increase the dosage each time, till I reach the limit.

I remember a 1st January when my parents had to take me to the hospital and spent half the day waiting for me to be treated. The doctor even suggested I get treated with morphine. I freaked out and said no, coz though it would be under medical supervision, I did not want to depend on Morphine for the rest of my life. No way!

Now, back to my title...I was working in an Ad Agency. I was so excited about the whole agency concept, it's people whom I trusted (now I've learned my lessons) and most of all respected, especially the Managing Director. One day I had my periods at work. I had to get back home urgently before I started throwing up or so but the MD scheduled a meeting just that afternoon and he made a face which suggested I had to be there. That day I drank about 10 cups of boiling coffee, took some pills though I knew I'd react negatively to them afterward just to be part of the meeting and show my dedication.

Guess what? One day, the MD called me and told me many things about how I was the worse designer, that I was destroying his agency, that I was racist, making people feel uncomfortable etc..etc..etc..

What really disgusted me, was when he said that even he could hold his belly and cry out with pain, but he never did so. I was shocked, for I thought he was human enough to understand what I was going through. Then I thought about it...did he have his periods too? I was even about to ask him that, but then thought, oh my God! This man is so courageous! He had his periods, yet never complained the least bit! Grrr!!!! I so much despise him. He was plain mean and awfully disgusting. No wonder he never got married! Yes, It's mean to say that, but imagine he gets married and his wife suffers like me. He'll back home and say: "Where is my food? Why is the house dirty? Why didn't you do the dishes? Even I could hold my belly and cry in pain but I don't! You lazy woman!"

What I wish him is that he re-incarnates into a woman and God, please give him the sufferings I've been through so that he knows what he was really talking about. (It's very mean and bad to wish so, but I can never forget the deep pain I felt on that day. The mocking expression on his face, the tone of his voice nor the accusation that I was acting to get compassion.)

It's a shame that even today, 'modern' people think like trash.

pictures source: internet

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smoking VS Incinerator

The government has banned smoking in public places as from March 2009. Great idea and decision. However, as stupid and ironic as it may seem, they are going ahead with the Gamma-Coventa project. Where's the logic you ask? Well, neither do I find any logic. The government bans smoking in public for Health safety but is implementing a bigger smoke producing machine right under our nose...Talk about good sense...

Ok, now most of you would say that instead of complaining we should propose solutions and try to come up with ideas of how to reduce the garbage etc...

This is what I suggest:

1. Instead of investing in an incinerator project, Gamma should invest in a recycling factory. Can you imagine the quantity of newspaper people read in Mauritius? A factory could easily recycle the newspapers into recycled bags, pages, or used for craft where it suits.

2. Gamma should invest in putting separate bins in each and every household: Cans, Plastic, Bottles, Newspaper etc... That way we are also recycling plastic and bottles which can be re-used.

These are the very few positive things Gamma could invest into instead of his stupid incinerator.

Now, only last week I read in the newspaper about the effects of Dioxide in the air. It is recommended not to eat meat and vegetables coming from around the incinerator zone...

What will the people rearing cattle and poultry at St Martin do? Will they stop doing that or will they simply sell their products without letting people know where the meat comes from and contaminate everyone in the country. This might be food for thought for the ones living far from Roche Brunes, La Chaumiere, Bambous, Mont-Roches who think that they are not concerned.

The same applies to the people who grow vegetables at La Ferme. Not o mention that there is also a reservoir near!!! I wonder if the government is not trying to get us simply killed!!!

My worry is that once the incinerator is set up, we will eventually start falling ill, it might take years but it will come. Then it will be the same story as Smoking. It will slowly be banned and thousands of people will be dead because a selfish PM and his stupid government were bribed into accepting a dangerous project like Gamma-Coventa.

Mr Ah Tek once said that we have to take risks in life. Man, I don't smoke and don't drink. My whole family (about 50 people) never smoked in their entire life. My husband does not smoke nor drink (same applies to his family, about 6 people). We stay far from smoking people. We don't go to pubs because of the smoke and now you want to persuade me to take risks??? Why doesn't Mr Ah-Tek or the pM build the f%^&*ing incinerator in their own yards outside their house????

I though we were free to decide in this country. Maybe I misunderstood the term free. Maybe we are simply free to THINK we are free.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sacrifice from our Ministers

You must all have heard that all the Ministers will have their salary reduced by Rs.10,000.000 Yes, what a HUGE SACRIFICE on their behalf!

Picture Source: Internet

LOL!!! Do you really believe that it is a sacrifice or just another way to blind the already feet kissing A holes Mauritians???

This is how I see it:

Minister 01: Hey we need a salary raise! W can't live with this misery!

Minister 02: You are totally right. Yesterday my son was telling me that Rs.15,000.00 per month for his car is not enough. Plus my daughter was able to buy only 10 designer collection bags last year.

Picture Source: Internet

Minister 03: Oh and what about me? I need to wear unique saris when we go to official outings. I get them direct from India and at this rate, I will not be able to get even 15 pieces per month!

Minister 04: Ok! ok! I will do something in the next budget. but the thing is I can't raise our salary alone...people will talk...

Minister 01: Then why don't you raise the salary for a few friends of ours who are sitting doing nothings at the head of governmental institutes? That people will see that we re not selfish.

Minister 04: Yes, but there is a recession prediction for the year after, what to do? People will be angry!

Minister 02: Oh yes, we have to find a solution for that! But we need to have that salary raise!

Minister 04: Wait..there is something we might do...Let's say we are actually being paid Rs.50,000.00 monthly. In the next budget I was to raise all our salary to Rs.100,000.00. Instead I will raise it to Rs.110,000.00. Then the year after for the budget I will say that we are all reducing Rs.10,000.00 from our salary...what say???

All the Ministers: YES! YES!

Minister 04: Fantastic, that way we enjoy a surplus of Rs.10,000.00 for one full year and the next year we look like Saints in the eyes of the stupid voters who will be all happy and cheer for our sacrifice!

So, this is what I do you see it???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who governs what?

Who governs what in Mauritius?

Our dear(irony) PM is writing a book: "Who governs Mauritius?"

Yes, you may as well laugh for I asked myself the same question: Is he really writing it or is someone doing it for him???

Picture Source: Internet

Anyway...if I had to answer his book title I'd say this: Any stupid son of an ex politician thinks he can govern Mauritius!
Proof: SSR - Navin Ramgoolam (NR)
Aneerood Jugnauth - Pravin Jugnauth (PJ)
Gaetan Duval - Xavier Duval (XD)

Actually it's not even their fault. They cherished the dream of being at the head of the country and enjoy. Fair enough...the biggest people at fault are the voters, that is us. We allow them to sit at the head of the country and waste our money. Yes, they are paid by our own money.

Can you imagine? We vote for them to be there, we pay for their salary and they treat us like scum? Maybe Mauritius has yet to experience it's revolution and show those at the head that they are nothing without us, so stop treating us as imbeciles (though some are for they re-vote the same piece of BS years and years after...)

The most disgusting bit is that each of them is trying to rule Mauritius as per his wish. NR says that he did not allow the Ferney project for it would have resulted into 'ene catastrophe ecologique..." but concerning the 'La Chaumiere' project he said that no one will stop him from going ahead with progress for the island. Total BS!!!

XD is trying to sell Mauritius to any Tom, Dick or Harry who can afford to. We Mauritians are seeing OUR beach being reduced to nothing as the hotels are eating every single beautiful one.

Picture Source: Internet

Some people called him 'Le Roi des Creoles". Lol! C'mon! Wearing a straw hat and moving to a few segas makes him nothing more than a
hypocrite. All those 'La foire Creoles' are simple ways of blurring the visions of the poor and middle class.

Concerning PJ, well, he is too young and proud to be a good and effective PM. At least he spares us the 'Mo papa ti fer papa ti dire sa.." compared to the stupid NR and XD.


Who really governs Mauritius after all? Thank God they don't have sons who will follow their steps...unless their daughters do it...


Thursday, February 12, 2009



The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, a word derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή) (meaning Friday), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς) (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía (φοβία) (meaning fear).



Well, today is Friday 13 and I know that in Mauritius many will be very careful.

I think Friday 13 on the contrary is kind of fun for me...I remember that one Friday 13 in 1996, I was preparing myself to go to college when my uncle comes by and sounds strange...he looks at me and says:

"Fer attention kan to p ale lecol zordi..mone fer ene extra mauvais reve lor ine fer ene accident grave ek tone mort.."

Wow! I thought! Imagine being told something like that on a Friday 13! Well, it did not stop me from going to school.

At school, the funny part was that it is very well known that many students don't have classes in MGI. So, on that day our teacher said we'll just sit outside and do our class..Fine, as students we all loved the idea! Hep! Just as we took place around her, rain started to fall when seconds before there was a huge sun above! we try to find another place to sit...

Later I was doing my hindi class. The teacher with only 3 students (me included) were in a small class in some corner of MGI. Quite to what we were used to, there was a deep silence around. the teacher asked one of us to go look what is going on since it's SOOOO silent! Guess what!!! The girl comes running saying that the whole floor is empty and all the kids are standing outside on the football ground far away as: THERE WAS A BOBM ALERT!!! God! and we were the only ones in class! Guess they missed us :( So we rushed to the football ground and waited for the police etc... to clear all doubts of bomb...Imagine if there was really a bomb! I'd not be here blogging! lol!

Same day, couple of hours before we go home, my friends decide to go to the library to change our books. Just as we step out of class, Naz trips and falls over Anj, leaving both down on the floor, with Naz on top of Anj... Ok am not being mean but I still recall the whole scene even after 13 years!!! It was so funny!!! It's like it happened in slow motion...

Now wasn't that some fuuny Friday 13??? AND!! Guess what??? Am blogging about a 13 year old story on a Friday 13!!! Hope I get to live through this day without any bad surprise :P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My very first blog for this year and I so much wanted it to be about a particular movie, CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA.

Yes! The much awaited movie (definitely by me!).

So the story is about Sidhu (oh so cute with his little hair tail at the back..)who believes he has a destiny to achieve and be a great man one day. He is conned by a friend to go to China where his "supposed" destiny awaits him...

BREF! In the whole I loved Akshay Kumar. Best shot of his is the one from the song Chak Lein De where he is standing on the great wall of China and looking around. WOW! If I was not married I'd rush to India!

(Joking..anyway..but he was drop dead GORGEOUS!)

Now Deepika looked stupid as Miss TSM, yet her twin was simply sexy, cool and beautiful. Yes, I admit that I was impressed by her Suzy role. Way to go girl...See my point here is that some heroines just can't get out of the typical running around trees act. Yeah, on the other hand maybe she did not say much as Suzy and that is why she was perfect...hihihi!

Anyway, I ADORED THE MOVIE! LAUGHED like mad (as always!!!) and! and! and! even Michel liked the movie! And I for sure know that he hates Hindi comedies which are so stupid at times...I agree with him here..sometimes some movies are simply ridiculous when it comes to comedy...pff!!!

Though my favourite one remains 'HERA PHERI' the first one, I must say that after Dostana, CC2C (Chandni Chowk to China) shines. That's my opinion anyway.

Go watch it! I've seen it 2 times already at the cinema hall and wish I could watch it again...(which I certainly will).

Then why did the movie flop you ask...Well, I believe that Akshay had so much hits (super hits!!!) in a row that some people of Bollywood have decided to boycott it in an unofficial way. So sad...

Just make up your own mind and don't let others influence you. So what if some think the movie is stupid, at least I had my share of laugh :p