Monday, October 20, 2008


I was wondering about how selfish those poor people are. They don't seem to understand that they have to stop wasting energy! Can you imagine!? Their single bulb keep lighting up their one room house from let's say 6p.m - 10p.m. Wow! That's too much!

Now, how can those rich persons keep all their 'chandeliers' (which have no less than 20 bulbs) on during the party in their 3 storey house if these poor insensitive poor don't save energy? huh?

Not to forget that the rich need the energy to light up all the lampposts in their long wide alleys from their automatic electric gates to their super well lit houses all night long for fear of robbers?

Oh and how do the poor expect the rich to get enough energy to run the 5- 6 air cons in their homes if they(the poor) don't stop wasting energy!!!??? (Yes my neighbour has at least 6 in his house and he's not the richest in Mauritius yet).

Plus all those latest high tech home cinema, hi-fi, jacuzzi, heater, huge fridge, microwave, oven, heated swimming pool, etc the rich need the energy for?

C'mon you poor people out there, please stop wasting energy and help the rich to get enough to live their life!

Oh i alomost forgot the hotels which have so many light for the entertainment of the tourists! The tourists need the very best the hotels can give and to hell if the hotels pump up all the enrgy of the island as far as the tourists get what they want.

Now you poor people like me out there, we have to respect their rights and not waste energy. I am seriously thinking of going back to candles...Anyone else?


Yashvin said...

lol, just have a look at my current facebook status message.
I have jotted down something like that since last friday I think...

It reads :
"I will be having candle light dinner everyday, since I wont be paying electricity bills"


reena.dkl said...

Really! Lol!

Looged on facebook this morning just to check some friend's stupid comment but did not see your profile comment..

Anyway at least I know we share the same opinion! lol!

carrotmadman6 said...

& the rich show that they care by using energy-saving lamps in their chandeliers! LOL

Why couldn't they buy solar panels instead of 6 ACs? :|

Shah said...

Very true. But not everyone actually waste energy as such.

Think of the entrepreneur who needs his servers up and running 24/7. It's a matter of need.
Still, if someone is knowingly wasting power (and other resources like car fuel,) then he/she deserves a severe beating.

I miss the anti-muda campaigns. These used to work back in the old days.

If someone *cough* *gov* agrees to fund say 50% of the investment cost in the implementation of solar panels (and batteries) and solar water heaters, things will get better and maybe the "ile durable" crap won't be so crappy (though it remains crap because of the lack of vision of leaders.)

BTW, forget about the heated swimming pool; it's summer and the sea is warm and it feels so great.

Most hotels in the Black River have switched to solar power. I see the 'wastage' as a need to sustain the tourist industry.

Tourists like fancy stuff. Still, most of them prefer the sea to the pool. And they are naked most of the time. *my eyes!!!*

I vote for a full revival of the anti-muda campaigns, starting in schools all over the island. Kids will turn off the lights (except the ones in their room because of the possible incursion of the bogeyman :P )

Enjoy your Tuesday, Reena :) I wish Michel and you well.

reena.dkl said...

Thnx for d comments carrotmadman6 and Shah.

Well, i just think that it is kind of unfair to always ask the poor to make sacrifices while the rich are out there spoiling themselves just because they've got money. I actually think that in Mauritius as long as you filthy rich you are regarded as God...

Really, makes me sick! Ok, I don't expect them not to enjoy their life but when it comes to saving for the environment etc.. well the poor always have to do the harder part. Can you imagine how much light and energy those hotels waste???

Ok Shah, you are right about solar panels they have but then how many of them have it??? The whole island is surrounded by huge hotels...on 10 how many do have those panels???

This country is making me sick!!!

Shah said...

"? The whole island is surrounded by huge hotels...on 10 how many do have those panels???" - all of them and I'm NOT joking. By huge hotels, I mean the ones owned by big resorts management organisations like Naiade.

But there is no law as such to enforce everyone from the hotel managing board to the poor guy to spend less energy.

You're right to be sick of Mauritius. Don't get too sick. Do your part and be a "green" advocate. (getting mad too often results in grey hair and noone wants Reena to have grey hair.)

If all electricity bills came up (if the bill is huge) with a paper offering counseling on how to manage your electricity, things may change.

Don't expect CEB to cut down your electricity access points because you're a "heavy user."

There's more than just electricity - there's gas. How many people use their cars to drive to the nearby bakery every morning, instead of having a nice walk?

How many of us leave our cellphones to "overcharge"? (mind you, though the battery stops recharging when full, much energy is lost through heat)


Take good care of yourself. Don't get too mad at the country, ok. Be well. *hug*

reena.dkl said...

Lol! Oh dear Shah, thank you so much for thinking about my grey hair :)

It's just that everyone should be concerned (equally) about the energy wastage thing... bof! anyway the government itself here is full of incompetant people who sleep walk in the offices all day long (the very few who are active and hard worker are not visible coz they are always sent away to do the harsh jobs).

Yeah you are right about doing your share of the saving. I certainly do.

Anyway, you take care and thank you so much for those nice nice words....

Anonymous said...

You guys will kill me if you found out that my room consumes the most electricity in my house.
2PCs on 24/24.
1 box fan on for at least 15 hours per day.
1 stand fan long for 5 hours per day
AC 2 to 3 hours on per day.
Orange livebox
fax machine..
the list goes on
and other electrical gadgets found in my room.^_^.

Dhaneesha said...

I agree...y should the poor suffer like zat!!!
I vote for solar energy...enfin, I hope that most hotels change their system to this as it is very economical and at the same time will protect our environment