Monday, September 29, 2008

Wolmar to Tamarin

Many who are used to jog from Wolmar to Tamarin through the beach must have noticed that it's impossible now.

Reason? Well the pictures speak for themselves I guess...

Question? Is this natural or man-made? I wonder..I wonder...

What I wish to point out here is simply the sad fact that all those who have jogged from Wolmar to Tamarin through the beach will never be able to do so in the future...unless there is VERY low tide.

I was also wondering how it came to be like this? Yes, I do understand nature and it's strange capacities to dig through anything. I was told that there was already a little river going to the sea over there but you could easily jump over it to the other side.

My question remains: Is this the nature's deed or some malicious people who do not wish to have Mauritians walking on the beach in front of the hotels???

Maybe the beach authority could come up with something here. It is already very sad that Mauritians are limited in terms of beach activities, now those who love jogging over there will just have to turn their back to it.

P.S Oh by for those who do not know, no one has the right to stop you from swimming in the sea directly in front of hotels nor to sit on the sand in front. You cannot of course use the chairs etc they put there for their clients (which I agree), but yet the beach remains public :)


Shah said...

I live @ Tamarin, very near the beach!!! *yay for the pictures*

It happened over the years - you can still go to the other side by jumping across a small stream, indeed.

Some fishermen still go there to clean up their boats. And more people will be there during the "bisic" (small fish) later in summer.

To be honest with you, I suggest you don't go near hotels. This afternoon, my eyes were hurt at the sight of 2 nude tourists sunbathing.

La Prairie/Volmar is still beautiful though esp. for fishing. Oh, the small stream I talking about earlier contains an incredible amount of shrimp (camaron.)

When will you be coming here again? Do Michel and you fancy fishing?

reena.dkl said...

Actually when i went there last year it was about 50cm large, which you can jump over...but now it's really huge!!! I was sad, so sad coz Michel is a real footing and jogging fanatic. He used to do the whole jog from Wolmar to Tamrin through the beach.

SHAH: "To be honest with you, I suggest you don't go near hotels. This afternoon, my eyes were hurt at the sight of 2 nude tourists sunbathing."

Oh Michel finds fishing too 'still' as an activity. He is more into kicking, jogging, etc... But it would be great to try shrimp that an invitation????

If yes, well, next time am there (which is very often and now that summer is in it will certainly be more than twice per week...) I will give yopu a quick call...just email me ya d way Mich lost his mobile on the day we went to take the pics :( that is last Sunday...

Kurt Avish said...

The pictures are very nice.

Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like this blog.
Nice, nice, nice!!
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

reena.dkl said...

Thank you Kurt and Anastacio...

The pics were taken by ME :) Hihihi maybe ive got some talent for photograpghy too...hmm...yeah it was on that day that Michel lost his mobile, probably on the beach itself... :( Just bcoz i so much wanted to take these pics....