Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What it's like to be a Mauritian in Mauritius

Mauritius. Paradise for many foreigners who come to visit our island and the marvellous hotels surrounding it. Yes, it is paradise on Earth when you think about the fact that there is no war going on (touch wood), there is no famine, drought or flood killing thousands.

Yet, I have certain doubts about our paradise.

For example, when I was going on honeymoon to Rodrigues, there was no one happier than me! I finally got married to the love of my life and was starting a whole new life! Tssst! tsst! No. That was not to happen that way because when we were queuing up to get inside the passenger terminal, one policeman came to us and asked us to show our passport. Hmm...Now, of all the persons going inside, why only us? Oh yeah! we were the only ones with brown skin. We were Mauritians for God sake and not tourists! That's why we were asked to show our passport (which we did not have because Mauritians do not need passports to travel to Rodrigues!)

I politely showed him our reservation tickets and ID cards. Then he said ok, we could move on.

To be honest, I wanted to so much kick him right there. He made my flight dull and I was boiling of anger. I don't think I looked like a terrorist who was about to hijack a plane or so.

All this to tell you that Mauritians are treated like shit in their own country.

Other examples are when you enter any shop in Caudan (or any other high -class shops, but not in manners) God! The salesgirls look at you from head to toe as if you are about to steal something or point a gun at them and ask for the cash. Notice that at the same time a tourist bursts in and what a change of attitude. I thought the salesgirls did not know how to smile when I entered.

In hotels it's the same attitude. We pay for the stay, yet you are treated like dog shit. (Ok, maybe Pointe Venus at Rodrigues and Paul et Virginie as well as it's 7 Colours Spa were nice, but not Manisha Hotel).

Isn't it strange? Mauritius is a paradise for tourists because they get the most beautiful beach in front of their hotels, but you Mauritian has to squeeze your butt into an overcrowded sea (Flic en Flac on Sundays for example). I have the feeling that to see a little piece of decent beach next time, Mauritians will have to check in hotels for that.

Yes, we can swim in front of hotels because the sea is for everyone, but what about the security guards who look at you like you are poisoning the beach and sea in front of the hotel?

Mauritius is paradise, yes, but certainly not for Mauritians.

P.S Am certainly missing on other examples here, but feel free to add them up...oh by d way, it's my opinion..you are free to feel the contrary.


Shah said...

I've to agree with you. It's sad though. I did find the solution to my troubles - I'm always classy, speak English or French, and act as a foreigner. It works all the time. Still, it makes me feel like I'm stabbing my own patriotic feelings.

Anyway, how was Rodrigues? Hope you two enjoyed it a lot. Any plan to go there again?

Enjoy your upcoming Wednesday. I wish you well.


reena.dkl said...

Hi! thnx for d comment :) Actually Michel and me only speak french with each other, no matter where we are. It's been like that ever since we met from day one. In some places I do realise that it does confuse the people and they think we are from reunion island or somewhere else.

But I just don't care much you know. Am a Mauritian, though not much proud right now but I guess I have more rights than the foreigners. All Mauritians should have equal chances no matter what is their religion, skin colour or bank balance.

Rodrigues was magic! It's a wonderful place and I'd love to settle down there forever :)

People there are so kind and genuine. Everyone smiles at you and says hello. No arrogance or so...Maybe Mauritians should learn from that!

Yupri said...

honey moon at rodrigue sound nice .. btwwht u said is true .. kan rentre dans caban magasin caudan la kuma dire matians kant afford wht they sell .. stupid attitude ...

honey moon at disney land sound nice as well :)

Yupri said...

mwa i always speak kreol ..... mais selman kan ban dimoun commence koz gras ek mwa lerla i use french just to see their stupid reaction ..

if i decide to speak french with avish i am sure li pu prend nisa ek mwa whole day .. so will i .. lol