Thursday, September 11, 2008

Real life HERO

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There is the most talked about movie 'THE DARK KNIGHT' showing in theatres right now in Mauritius. Heroes, wandering at night, helping those in need, fighting vilains, killing evil forces etc...Batman, Superman, Spider man, man & man...

However, I was most impressed by someone who does not call himself a hero, yet is no less than one. I know 11 Indians who will remember him till their last breath.

In august 2008, Karl Secondis, an Australian business man was on holidays with his family at Grand Baie. He was fishing with his 7 years old son in the lagoon at Pereybere when he noticed people in distress. Here is the link to the article in L'express (in french):

He rescued 11 Indians whose boat met with some troubles and they were hanging to their lives in the water (note only one of them knew how to swim). I believe Karl Secondis should be given a medal of courage by both the Government of Mauritius and India. I am so relieved to know that even in today's world, there walk on the Earth people who are courageous and humble.

HATS OFF to you Mr Karl Secondis!!! You are a real life hero! You must surely be the pride of your family and your kids will have tales of a real hero to tell their school friends back in Australia, their hero, their dad :)


Yashvin said...

he should be on tv instead of those corrupted ministers...

reena.dkl said...

Thnx for d comment Yash :)

Actually that's exactly what I was thinking. He should be given a medal of courage. I know very few man who would risk their own lives to save strangers. He is what we call good human being and not a racist like most people in Mauritius. (Whether you agree or not it's so true!)

Instead of given those politician's friends medals for republic day in Mauritius, it's men like Karl Secondis who should be rewarded.

I cannot stop saying how much I admire this man!

Shah said...

Every woman I know of, drools over his picture :P

Anyway, he's a great man who did what should be done. He deserves more than just admiration - we all need to learn from him.

Medal or nothing given, he rocks.

Kurt Avish said...

its always like this. People who are REAL HEROES are not praised or thanked as needed and those dirty jerks who steal off people they rule our TV.

I personally think that this guy is just MORE than a hero. Saving a life is a work of a hero..saving many lives... is just more than heroic..

Instead of giving corrupted animals...uhh i mean corrupted humans big medals for the independence day.. person like Secondis should be rewared.

Hats off to him.

reena.dkl said...

Thnx Shah and Kurt...

Really I admire him so much! Can you imagine? He left his 7yrs old son to rescue the strangers? What is something had gone wrong? I mean these are real heroes. They have no fear, they are just driven by the mere thought of saving lives, no matter the colour or religion. This is what should put some people in Mauritius to shame. Fighting over religions etc is so cheap. I wonder if one person called Mons. de Sipa kieter in his speed boat or yatch would even even lifted his finger to even call the Coast Guards.

This is not only handsome on the exterior but also on the inside! My most sincere thanx to him for showing everyone that there is still a little hope for humanity :)