Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hospitals in Mauritius

Hmm.. what can i suggest? That it's better you die rather than go to the hospital? Some people do say hospitals' staffs are effective, but then it's thus most of the times if you have some relatives working there.

Hospitals in Mauritius are getting worse. How many people out there can sincerely testify they had a pleasant doctor, a nice nurse to look after them. Doctors in hospitals behave as if they are doing it for free (though those doing it for free in other countries are very nice). I think that when they study to become doctors they pawn their good manners and eventually forget to get it back. Doctors in hospitals HAVE NO MANNERS! When you come to them you are already in bad shape and what they do is make matters worse. Typical Mauritian Hospital doctors talk like this:

NOTE: They do not reply back when you say good morning doctor...

"Ki ou gagné?" (What's wrong?)
They take their stethoscope and place on you heart (even if it's your head which aches or your leg).

"Ouvert la bouche" (Open your mouth)

"Respire...tini respiration...respirer" (Breathe..hold your breath...breathe)

"Hmmm..." (Hmm)

He writes down a series of medicines (of course panadol is a must for whatever problem you have! It's the Mauritian magic pill).

"Si pa bien mem ou revini" (If you are not dead, you can still come back).

Yeah, there is no explanation of what you are suffering from nor why these meds etc...you are just one of so many coming everyday and they simply DON'T CARE!

Nurses are worse (yeah i don't have a better word to describe it here). They scold at old persons, are arrogant and speak to you as if you are some beggars at their door. I can easily recall examples like:

"Madame! ou pas tandé kan crier ou nom! Assize la! Ici madame! Pa compran kan coze ar ou?"

translation: (Ma'am! can't you hear when your name is called! Sit here! Here ma'am! Don't you understand when we talk to you?")

What is really sad is kids with leukemia. They are supposed to be in places where there is no dust etc especially when they are undergoing their first treatment. But in Candos, they are put in cubicles where they have to go through the main room of other sick children. You even have to go through the hospital corridors with sick adults before getting to the children's ward.

I mean, what would it take to build a room for leukemia kids? One million? What's one million when they can renovate theatres at millions and millions...yeah, you can't compare history to life.

Anyway, I have so much frustration concerning this country right now that I wonder where we are heading.

One little words for the doctors in hospitals (if they ever come across my blog that is) Please! Do something else instead of making our life worse! Doctors are supposed to help people get better, not worsen the situation. Same applies to nurses. Sad there is no more Florence Nightingales.


Yashvin said...

Some people do say hospitals' staffs are effective, but then it's thus most of the times if you have some relatives working there

Its only then that you get the priviledges lol

reena.dkl said...

True! That's what I mean. So whay happens to those who know no one? They are treated like scum...

Kurt Avish said...

In mauritian hospital Panadol is like the MAGIC medcine sa... To malad kiena... docteur poule ki ena dan lopital la pu just dir open the mouth...then he will pretend to hear yr heart beat... Ok prend 2 panadol 3 foi par jour!!!

me i can't go to hospital... surtou candos!!! even if u have a slight fever u go there...u will surely rtrn homne with more illness!!!

Shah said...

Ok. I'm so glad you've written about this issue. You're right, BTW. I know because most of my family members work in the health sector.

I won't be mentioning names though.

Every time these folks get together for tea or to party, they talk about health stuff - kinda like me talking about scifi, coding, and tech with other computer science majors. Anyway, one of my uncles were very happy to have yelled at a woman. The latter had told him that she believed she was suffering from something. My so-grand uncle retorted: "Couma ou conner. Ou la tete couma computer."

I was pissed off on that day. It was so wrong.

I knew this guy had no ethics.

Even worse, the same guy, one in general practice, had conjunctivitis and instead of going for the common soothing "tea" or eye drops, he put salty water into his own eyes, and it took him 2 months to recover.

Can such a guy be a true doctor? I'm unsure.

Next, comes my grand dad. I'm not bashing my family for fun. They lack ethics on the work place. He believes that nobody should contradict a doctor and it's totally "normal" for a doctor to not even touch the patient and issue medicines for him. Weird, isn't it? And so wrong!

Let's talk about X-Rays. Doctors in MRU have made Mauritians fans of X-Rays. If you've an upset stomach, you need an X-Ray. If your head is aching because you're dehydrated, you need an X-Ray. Of course, there is no need but the doctors send the patients to the technologists to get scanned. Insider sources reveal that most of the scans are useless. The doctors lack skills, so it would seem.

What else? The nurse. The male nurse, in his white coat, can often be seen walking in the vicinity of the hospital, holding cigarettes or chatting with others. The lack of dedication to the job can clearly be seen. The female nurse is The Bling Lady. She wears make up, talks with her friends aloud, and yells at patients.

Wow! The professionalism in and dedication to their jobs can clearly be seen and 'admired.' NOT!

Ever been to Victoria Hospital? Say patient X has undergone surgery and needs to be transferred from the surgery room to a room. The nurses will have to move him while pushing the trolley from 1 building to another while going through a non-sterilised zone which is NOT covered by concrete. It's in the open. And even if it's raining, the patient is transferred through the open area. Of course, the patient is knocked out and doesn't know where he is.

Sure, there are certain people in the health sector who do their jobs. But the number is low.

How can one explain that someone who knows doctor X has the right to bypass the usually long waiting queues or list?

Maybe there should be ICAC representatives at all times in hospitals? :P

The health standards are low. Had everybody been able to afford it, everybody would go to private clinics to get better care.

reena.dkl said...

Lol! Thnx for d comments guys! Kurt n Shah...

Shah! Wow I did not know you had so much to say on hospitals in Mauritius. I know they treat people like scum. I've been through that.

You know when I was a kid, I had to undergo surgery for my 'amidales' (don't know the English term). It was the worse experience ever! Two nurses were so mean to me. I was like in Standard III... There were 2 other girls same age as me and we had the same surgery I think. Worse was the day I was to leave. I come from a middle class family with middle class clothes. The nurses laughed at my clothes saying how much the other two girls' dresses were pretty and how mine was ugly. Worse, while they were combing our hair they told me how ugly I was compared to the two others. (They were not brown in skin colour)...

Still today I feel a certain pain inside. I cannot forget that and I think that's one thing which made me thing I was so ugly when I was a kid. Now I don't care...but I really wish I could meet with them one day and tell them what I have gone through all these years because of them. (I don't remember their faces nor their names anyway)...

I was only a kid for God's sake! It did hurt at that time and whenever I think about it, I still feel sad and a bit hurt.

God knows why they became nurses!!!

Shah said...

Shame on them. You can only pity them.

You're now a beautiful and brilliant person who is happy, married and who has plans. You shall do so many things and shall inculcate good values to your children to be. Be your fantastic-self.

Also, you no longer have to care about having inflamed tonsils anymore!!! *yay* Take good care of the mini-you's (kids to be) and go for medication instead of surgery (inflamed tonsils can be cured through antibiotics and proper care.)

I wish you well. :)

Yupri said...

hospitals ..... :) welcome to mauritius

en passant mo p lire ca dans journal un madam u gagne un tibb li trop misere ou get tibb la donc li ale hopital candos in dire banla in gagne un tibb ki inn perdi ...

kav hopital pu open orphanage aster

carrotmadman6 said...

The thing is that if you don't know anyone in the hospital - you're doomed!

I've stayed 4 days at Victoria & I must admit the personnel were great (quite rare in fact!!!). The male nurses were nice to me (maybe bcoz I was getting VIP treatment?) The only thing was the environment? How can anyone work in such a dirty place??? Phew!

The jumping the list thing wouldn't be there if the service was great.
I did jump the queue... but if I had to follow "normal" procedures... well I would still be waiting to be operated until now!
& btw for the thing about it's not covered & unsterilised area, I think that's a big problem. I was shuttled away in the trolley, right in front of so many non-patients staring at me! Why can't the operation theater be next to the dorms???? (I was indeed knocked out on the return journey)

reena.dkl said...

Thnx Shah. It's so sweet of you :)

It did mark me for many years after...always found myself ugly, fat, I was so shy! Now i just don't care much. Ugly or not it doesn't matter you know. I just learnt to live with the looks I have.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to hospital.Its a waste of time.The only few times I went to hospital wis when mum's friend is on duty there.{He's a doctor}.Else I prefer to go to private centers or doctors where you know that you will have a better service.
and yeah.You forgot one more thing.
Most of the time{irrespective of illness}you will have panadol prescribed to you.And manners.Well, hats off to that.If we could give them the best award for the worst manners.Then I would surely give that award to many doctors and nurses in the public sector.

One more thing.There are doctors who go on lunch outside the hospital wearing their white coat.WHAT THE CUPCAKE! !
Ethnics people..bon..si banla ena meme..

Yan said...

Hi. Your post struck a few chords inside. I'm in my 4th year of medical studies in France and I was thinking of coming back to work in Mauritius.

I hope that I don't turn into one of these sour and dull doctors.

I'll always come back to this during my practise.