Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Holiday

Heart break.

Everyone at least once in their life must have experienced it...I did and I can tell you that there's no where on Earth deep enough to bury that pain.

The Holiday is a wonderful movie for guys and girls you have no luck in love and don't know what to do. Obviously it's not that easy as in the film and home exchange is not done as easily as that, but there's a message in there. That love exists and if you let it come it will.

Scenes where i cried in the movie are:

When Jasper's engagement is announced after Iris gave him his xmas present. She was standing there not knowing what to do coz it was hurting deep inside. Firstly not knowing that Jasper was engaged, secondo because she still loved the guy. Kate Winslet was awesome! I never liked Titanic, but in 'the Holiday' I have to admit, she did a fantastic job! This scene especially was terrific!

When Amanda and Liam's kids are under the tent...watching the stars...
Oh that was so intense...I think Jude Law looked gorgeous right there, playing the widower with two cute kids...

The Holiday is a wonderful film. You should watch it. There is love, passion, tenderness and emotion every second in it.

I think after 'P.S I Love You' it's the second best...

Of course my all time favourite remains 'Le Grand Bleu'