Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have a real weakness when it comes to shoes.

I love these 2..the dark one with lots of beads were Michel's gift on my 29th birthday :) I love it! When we entered the shop, first thing I saw was the shoes and cried out loud how cute they were! Mich thought the same and here they are! My cute shoes...

And the second pair was last week..was just checking the shop to see if there were new things...and boom! saw this one!

:) I simply can't resist shoes!


Shah said...

AWWWwwww @ the chouchouzes!!!! (i call them chouchouzes wlol)
They are so cute and appear to be comfy.
Finding clothes to match the chouchouzes - that's a hassle for me. And you?
Happy shoes-day (tuesday) :)

reena.dkl said...


Ya! Shoes-day!

I love these! I have loads of shoes but they are so old I can't post them...

Lately I don't care much about matching clothes, shoes, bags...Guess it's true about letting go of their appearance once they get married! lol! usually a jeans-top no big deal..these shoes go with them...even at a designer so thank God there is no uniform :)

Well...Happy Shoes-day to you too :)