Sunday, June 8, 2008



Cast:Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) / Gerard Butler (300)


What would it be like waking up tomorrow and realise that the person you loved the most was no more there by your side. Sleepless lonely nights. Cold bed sheets. Colder heart.

No, I do not wish to imagine that happening to me, yet life is life, we cannot command it to be this or that way for us, we just have to go along.

That is maybe the reason why i never stop telling my husband how much I love him. Who knows? I might not have the chance of writing letters to him.

And you? Will you?

Life is so strange nah? You meet so many people whom you think you are in love with then out of nowhere someone comes around. BANG! THIS IS LOVE! Yeah, true, real, pure, sincere, innocent love. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Love, marriage, babies...happiness...birth..and death. Yes, death. We cannot miss this one! We were born to die, remember? Life, oh life? why this pattern? why fall in love and make someone part of you just to have him snatched afterwards?

I simply can't imagine what my life will be without Michel. Wake up in the morning, no hugs, no kisses, no smiles? No one to share breakfast with? No one to tell me how much he loves me? No one to make me laugh like a mad girl when am sad or down?

No, i cannot imagine...I don't want to...though it's here...the thought...

The thought that no matter how much you will try, no matter how hard, that once that person is gone...he will be gone forever, never again will you be able to touch him, hug him, look into his eyes...

No, life does not have the rewind option. We have to live the present. We cannot press pause nor hit rewind, though there is the stop button.

Life hurts, love hurts...maybe this is why we are meant to live each and every second to the fullest.

P.S I love you Michel


Shah said...

Fantastic movie! You've a great taste!
It's sad though. First came chaos with the fight and then he died, but left gifts leading to her happiness regained. Awesome!
Yet, being a jealous kind of guy, I'd rather have her lead a life in my honour and to always cherish me even if I'm beyond the realm. Well, that's just me.
But I guess the writers wanted to show people that one can live and love even if a dear one has passed away.
Anyway, I'm glad to find a Mauritian who likes the movie.
Did you watch - a walk to remember? or sweet november? what about music and lyrics?
Enjoy the remainder of the week.

reena.dkl said...

Thnx 4 d comment Shah :)

Link to the soundtracks is:

I have watched 'a walk to remember' and irony is that it was at the clinic with my husband (Mich was admitted for 1 whole week due to some serious health problem).

I cry a lot when i watch emotion filled movies...that's my girl side i guess :)

Another beautiful ending is in the movie 'The Notebook'..i prefer the end where both die side by side...

Am jealous too, yet I wonder if my soul will rest in peace knowing my husband is living a sad life in my memories. I don't know... right now I would not want him to remarry nor love anyone else, but then I would be no more to care for him...yet it hurts when I think about him with anyone else. So in a way you are right about :

"I'd rather have her lead a life in my honour and to always cherish me even if I'm beyond the realm."

Anyway, great week to you n thnx again 4 d comment :)

Shah said...

Music and Lyrics is a movie btw.

Thanks for the soundtrack.

Nah, it should be love forever and ever. can't the love one join one's other half in heaven, instead of loving someone else? i know - i'm terribly jealous, wlol.

I wish Michel and you to live a long and healthy life full of kids, and I wish you two to grow old and take care for each other for a long long time.

reena.dkl said...

Oh these are very sweet wishes :) Thank you a lot Shah!

I wish you find the love of your life and spend a peaceful love full life with great kids and when you die it should be when your grandchildren are old and that you get to heaven beside your wife...

Seems like we are competing for best wishes! lol!

Anyway, thnx again!

Shah said...

Thank you.
It's always good to cheer up and wish well to someone good even if one doesn't know that someone enough - as long as one spreads the merriness :)

Have a good Wednesday.
Be well :)