Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have you already experienced your last first kiss?

Isn't it amazing that some of us never even thought about that? 'LAST FIRST KISS'...It'a about kissing someone for the first time and from then on he will be the only one you will one else.

Strange or funny as it may sound, our 'LAST FIRST KISS' is important.
I've already had mine :) My 'LAST FIRST KISS' was Michel and am more than happy that it has been with him...and it will remain him for the rest of my life.

A kiss that you will remember all your life, a kiss that you will cherish and think about the tingling sensation it sent all through your body when it happened. Where and when it hapenned? Who started first?

A kiss to remember...'LAST FIRST KISS'


Shah said...

Congratulations on finding the One.
I, for one, have never kissed a girl and am still waiting for the One. It would be my first first kiss lol.

I wish you two to be merry forever and ever, and to stay in good health and be surrounded by many kids who will pull your hair lol.


reena.dkl said...

I really hope the first girl you kiss will be worth it :)

Thnx for the warm wishes.

Lol! Am planning for at least a set of twins...and like Mich says, if they turn out to have my character, they will definately give us a hard time!

Thnx 4 d comment :)

Yashvin said...


How didnt i came across this earlier?
Well, me too, had a last kiss with someone, and since then, been much happier with the more fortunate one :D