Thursday, June 26, 2008

To save or not to save water..that is the question!

Been more than one week since there is a broken pipe near my house...see attached pic...
My husband called twice last week, (wednesday and thursday) even the neighbour called.
Some people from CWA came on Saturday (maybe for the overtime as they came back Sunday morning..couple of hours)

So, when i left home today, there was still no one out there repairing the pipe.

Now! What about all the campaign CWA was yelling about? Save water? Reservoirs are dry?
No wonder they are dry! CWA doesn't even care! I don't think they do when i see all the water flowing on the road everyday.

Don't you think they should save water first then preach about it to others???


Am sorry if I sound all angry but am sure you would react the same way if you saw the waste.

Please do forward this coz i hope then they will try to amend their careless ways!

Thnx! oh please check the MISSION and VISION statement they have :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have a real weakness when it comes to shoes.

I love these 2..the dark one with lots of beads were Michel's gift on my 29th birthday :) I love it! When we entered the shop, first thing I saw was the shoes and cried out loud how cute they were! Mich thought the same and here they are! My cute shoes...

And the second pair was last week..was just checking the shop to see if there were new things...and boom! saw this one!

:) I simply can't resist shoes!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have you already experienced your last first kiss?

Isn't it amazing that some of us never even thought about that? 'LAST FIRST KISS'...It'a about kissing someone for the first time and from then on he will be the only one you will one else.

Strange or funny as it may sound, our 'LAST FIRST KISS' is important.
I've already had mine :) My 'LAST FIRST KISS' was Michel and am more than happy that it has been with him...and it will remain him for the rest of my life.

A kiss that you will remember all your life, a kiss that you will cherish and think about the tingling sensation it sent all through your body when it happened. Where and when it hapenned? Who started first?

A kiss to remember...'LAST FIRST KISS'

Sunday, June 8, 2008



Cast:Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) / Gerard Butler (300)


What would it be like waking up tomorrow and realise that the person you loved the most was no more there by your side. Sleepless lonely nights. Cold bed sheets. Colder heart.

No, I do not wish to imagine that happening to me, yet life is life, we cannot command it to be this or that way for us, we just have to go along.

That is maybe the reason why i never stop telling my husband how much I love him. Who knows? I might not have the chance of writing letters to him.

And you? Will you?

Life is so strange nah? You meet so many people whom you think you are in love with then out of nowhere someone comes around. BANG! THIS IS LOVE! Yeah, true, real, pure, sincere, innocent love. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Love, marriage, babies...happiness...birth..and death. Yes, death. We cannot miss this one! We were born to die, remember? Life, oh life? why this pattern? why fall in love and make someone part of you just to have him snatched afterwards?

I simply can't imagine what my life will be without Michel. Wake up in the morning, no hugs, no kisses, no smiles? No one to share breakfast with? No one to tell me how much he loves me? No one to make me laugh like a mad girl when am sad or down?

No, i cannot imagine...I don't want to...though it's here...the thought...

The thought that no matter how much you will try, no matter how hard, that once that person is gone...he will be gone forever, never again will you be able to touch him, hug him, look into his eyes...

No, life does not have the rewind option. We have to live the present. We cannot press pause nor hit rewind, though there is the stop button.

Life hurts, love hurts...maybe this is why we are meant to live each and every second to the fullest.

P.S I love you Michel