Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Human Trafficking

Last night I watched a film on TV about Human traffic. It's hard to imagine that 800 000 (according to the movie) people are victim of Human Trafficking EACH YEAR! Yet it's true, sadly.

Sincerely, i think films like these should be projected in schools, colleges, tertiary institutes to warn teenagers about how they are looked as potential victims.

Though hard at times the film does show what we do not want to even think about. Everyone thinks that theses things can only happen to 'others', but then, to the 'others', WE are the others!

Just think about your daughter, your son, barely 9yrs, 10yrs in the hands of 'people' i would barely qualify as humans.

Actually i just visited this site:


and these i guess are the recent facts about Human Trafficking:

'Over the last ten years, the numbers of women and children [who] have been trafficked have multiplied so that now they are on a par with estimates of the numbers who were enslaved in the 16th and 17th centuries.’
[Dr Laura Lederer, Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons to the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs & Professor of Law at Georgetown University, USA]

‘Sexual trafficking is the movement of women and children for the purposes of prostitution or other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. It includes the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, transfer or sale of women and children for these purposes. It is the route into sexual slavery.’

> Over 2 million people are trafficked per year

> 1.2 million children are affected by trafficking – ¼ of a million in Asia/Pacific region

> Human Trafficking is a lucrative worldwide business of $10 billion per year

> Over 50,000 Filipino children have been forced into prostitution

> The Salvation Army worldwide is committed to working to confront and reduce this evil trade

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Ashish Kapoor said...

Taday I saw a programme related to Human trafficing, I saw a girl named Reena from Darjeeling helped Police against this inhuman act. I really salute that girl.