Friday, May 23, 2008

FAMOUS PEOPLE I KNOW - Nicolas Bastien-Sylva

NICOLAS, when I recall our very firts meeting, I did not like him at all! We spent the first months at the IVTB School of Design not talking to each other bcoz he did not let me sit where I wanted to. LOL! Stupid me as always, but it made me realise later, that Nicolas has a very soft corner where there is love and hope not only for himself but for those around him.

Bcoz Nicolas is fighting a fight authorities should be fighting. He is doing it with the very little resources he has, but with a determination most people lack. Below is his comment on the HIV virus fight campaign:

"Cette campagne est assez explicite. On fait comprendre qu'il faut combattre le virus et non le porteur. Inspirée d'une campagne française, elle vise à présenter des visages connus d'ici et à provoquer une réflexion autour de la stigmatisation", dit Nicolas Bastien-Sylva, des Zarbiens.

I am sure that in the coming years, Nicolas will achieve a lot of good around him and be known as an example of devotion in the society.



Front Commun Baie du Tombeau said...

Nicolas Bastien-Sylva is the brother of a famous guy: Christophe Bastien-Sylva and the son of a famous man:Clarel Bastien-Sylva.
Just google the 3 names and you will see how famous the 3 of them are in their respective fields.
Christophe died at 25 years old and was famous in his relationship with others, he had a very good heart,got on well with others, specially the little people who suffers.

reena.dkl said...

Thnx for adding a comment :)

I don't know much about his father nor brother but if you say so am sure it must be real.

The only sad thing is the death of his brother...too young...

Nicolas will go very far in life and hopefully set an example for others (read people sitting in high chairs with big money flowing around them...oh money of the mauritians..)

Anyway, thanx again for blogging on my page :)