Friday, November 28, 2008

One terrorist killed at Trident had Mauritius ID card’

THIS IS THE MOST SHOCKING NEWS EVER i GOT TO HEAR SINCE WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! And here I was blogging that Mauritius should be IRONIC!!!

God! What did that really mean???? Did it mean that they had the intention to fly or sail to Mauritius if they succeeded in getting away OR that they tried to make people believe they were Mauritian tourists visiting India OR WORSE!!! that some high placed people in Mauritius actually helped them in getting those ID???

This is not a joke! This is damn serious! Mauritius!!! SHAME!!! Sincerely I have to get to the root of this story here and really understand where Mauritius fits in...but in case there were (are) Mauritians who helped in anything that happened in India, well, it's a shame for Mauritius.

Actually when I first heard the commando saying that I thought my ears were losing it...I sat there in front of the TV set waiting for a recap of the events and this time there was no doubt...THE TERRORISTS HAD MAURITIAN ID CARDS on them!

More infos:

Mauritian identity cards found from slain terrorist.

7 credit cards from Indian and foreign banks

1,200 US Dollars, Rs 6,840 Indian Rupees retrieved

4 Chinese made grenades found

Many rounds of AK-47 ammunition found...

Really, I have been in a semi coma state since I've heard about the Mauritian ID news...well gets our island to be more popular, but wished it was for the right reasons instead of being like an ally for the terrorists...


A Mauritian identity card, credit and debit cards of banks and explosives were seized from the terrorists who attacked the Taj Mahal hotel, a senior marine commando said.

"We found a purse in a bag we found in which there was a Mauritian government identity card, seven bank credit and debit cards of banks like HSBC, HDFC and ICICI and cash of Rs 6,840. We have given all the details to the police," the commander of the marine commandos team said.

However, he refused to divulge details of the identity card and the bank documents found there.

A bag filled with material was found at the heritage building of the Taj Hotel by the marine commandos following a tense gun battle in which one marine commando was seriously injured and another sustained injuries.

The bag contained dry fruits as ration for several days, seven magazines of AK rifles, explosives, grenades, money and US currency, the commander of the marine commandos said.




Let us pray all this will not be easily forgotten and that the world rises with a spirit to kick terrorism real hard and eradicate it...

Innocent lives taken like this (September 9/11 - Mumbai 26/11) should not be tolerated. If the Mauritian authorities do not seriously look into the matter, well, we should expect a Mauritian ??/11 one of these days....

I pray to God that he thrusts some good sense in the pigeon head (an insult to the pigeons...) of our Political Leaders...

My prayers also go the families who have lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, wives, husband, friends...

My head rises high to salute those who tried not to panic and helped each other even in situations like this...Doctors, hotel staff, even the tourists who were on holidays but managed to sort things out for the group in which they were.

Mumbai Attacks - A wake-up call for the whole world...especially Mauritius.

Wednesday night, around 11p.m. As usual I am sleepless and switching from channels to channels to find something worthy to watch...never could I have guessed that I'd be witnessing such aweful live news as the Mumbai Attacks. NDTV was showing people coming out of the Taj Hotel and all I thought was that there might have been some sick man who had a fight and security of the hotel had taken serious actions.

Little did I know that what would follow was going to keep me glued to the TV set till early hours the next day.

What really shocked was that I was actually seeing everything as it was going on out and direct. I saw it when the terrorist who hijacked a police van approaching the journalists and civilians (who thought they policeman) started to shoot at everyone. Sick! Real sick!

Below are pictures from the BBC site. ( I don't know if I have the right to put them up here though...

The above picture shows places which were attacked.

30 October: Explosions kill at least 64 in north-eastern Assam
30 September: Blasts in western India kill at least seven
27 September: Bomb blasts kills one in Delhi
13 September: Five bomb blasts kill 18 in Delhi
26 July: At least 22 small bombs kill 49 in Ahmedabad
25 July: Seven bombs go off in Bangalore killing two people
13 May: Seven bomb hit markets and crowded streets in Jaipur killing 63

I think the pictures speak for themselves. So many lives were many innocents...

It has been said that the terrorists were targetting foreigners, especially Bitish and American passport holders.


They were tourists in India and here in Mauritius were are the perfect hosts for them. By them I mean both the tourists and the terrorists. This is why I strobgly believe that instead of our PM playing Rambo on Tv, he should seriously consider a strategy to protect Mauritius from these attacks. What if tomorrow something like that happens over here???

Can anyone imagine what it will be like? Do we seriously have military bodies strong enough to let alone fight the terrorists, but at least face them???

I strongly doubt that.

India will definately come out of the situation...hurt, but still united. (I sincerely hope they do). But here in mauritius I wonder how far Mauritians will stand united agains such evil.

Let us hope that our Politicians will join hands and mind to set up a strategy in case tomorrow some sick people try to attack our island. Let us all pray that our paradise remains free of murderous attacks like the Mumbai ones.

One last picture just to show you how 500 years old architecture, history, heritage has been raped. Well, for 'people' who do not care about innocent lives, it is no surprise histoty etc... mean nothing to them....

Let us all pray that all the countries across the world get together to extermine terrorism...

To end..

"Whichever group has perpetrated this attack, they are cowards, absolute cowards, and murderers.

This cowardly attack on India's stability, peace and democracy reminds us all that international terrorism is far from defeated, and that we must all maintain our vigilance."

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ma douleur,
pour la vie...
tantôt ici,
tantôt la-bas.
Sans merci
tu me lâche pas.

Comme mon ombre,
jour et nuit,
comme mon ombre,
tu me suis,
et moi je fuis,
je te fuis,
mais fini par être pris.

oh mon amie,
arrête tes caprices,
arrête toi mon amie,
pour la vie,
écoute mes supplices.

J'en peux plus,
je n'en veux plus
de ton espièglerie.
Toi tu ris,
mais moi suis fini.

Ne vois-tu pas mes larmes?
Baisses tes armes,
je t'en supplie,
ne me fais plus mal,
je t'en prie,
j'ai trop mal.

Finie je sens ma vie,
entre mes cries,
et je prie,
jour et nuits,
et je prie,
pour une vie,
sans toi mon amie.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I was wondering about how selfish those poor people are. They don't seem to understand that they have to stop wasting energy! Can you imagine!? Their single bulb keep lighting up their one room house from let's say 6p.m - 10p.m. Wow! That's too much!

Now, how can those rich persons keep all their 'chandeliers' (which have no less than 20 bulbs) on during the party in their 3 storey house if these poor insensitive poor don't save energy? huh?

Not to forget that the rich need the energy to light up all the lampposts in their long wide alleys from their automatic electric gates to their super well lit houses all night long for fear of robbers?

Oh and how do the poor expect the rich to get enough energy to run the 5- 6 air cons in their homes if they(the poor) don't stop wasting energy!!!??? (Yes my neighbour has at least 6 in his house and he's not the richest in Mauritius yet).

Plus all those latest high tech home cinema, hi-fi, jacuzzi, heater, huge fridge, microwave, oven, heated swimming pool, etc the rich need the energy for?

C'mon you poor people out there, please stop wasting energy and help the rich to get enough to live their life!

Oh i alomost forgot the hotels which have so many light for the entertainment of the tourists! The tourists need the very best the hotels can give and to hell if the hotels pump up all the enrgy of the island as far as the tourists get what they want.

Now you poor people like me out there, we have to respect their rights and not waste energy. I am seriously thinking of going back to candles...Anyone else?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Since last year I have been fearing the fact that Gamma might be implementing a waste incinerator at La Chaumiere. Since I live at Roche Brunes, I cannot ignore all the possible dangers (no matter what the government said). What is really bizarre is that no one is ready to produce reports of experts to the public. Though there has been a petition of 2000 persons against the project, Gamma still seems to be in for the project. How fair is it that some rich companies get to do what they wish and worse have the support of the government. there a faint odour of money under the table here??? Seems like the situation to me!

Well, what can I say? All those sitting at the head of the country don't care because they don't live nearby. Let's see where all this goes...

Below is an article(in french) which was published in L'Express:

Incinérateur à La-Chaumière : Gamma face aux habitants

Deux nouvelles associations citoyennes refusent que les déchets soient brûlés dans leur région. Les promoteurs du projet se veulent rassurants.

«Il faut appliquer le principe de précaution et ne pas aller de l’avant avec ce projet car il y a trop de risques.» Tel est l’avis de Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, ingénieur en environnement. Il s’exprime sur l’implantation d’un incinérateur de déchets à La-Chaumière pour produire de l’électricité. Il intervenait lors d’une réunion de sensibilisation organisée par le Mouvement social pour l’environnement (MSE) et la Plate-forme anti-pollution (PAP), deux associations nouvellement créées. C’était mardi soir à Bambous, devant quelque 80 personnes.

Pour Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, l’incinération demande des mesures complémentaires qui ne sont pas encore disponibles à Maurice. «Les résidus suite à l’incinération donneront un concentré toxique qui demande le même traitement que des déchets radioactifs. Le résidu doit être vitrifié d’abord, mis dans des fûts en polyéthylène et enterré à 200 ou 300 mètres.»

Avis que partage Dr Iqbal Bhugun, docteur en chimie. Il pense qu’il ne faut pas accepter ce projet qui représente «un danger pour la santé à cause de ses émissions de dioxine et de furanne». Ce qui affecterait nappes phréatiques, animaux et légumes. Pour le Dr Bhugun, les pays qui ont de tels incinérateurs ont pris des risques et ils ne peuvent plus reculer. «Ces risques ne peuvent pas être pris ici, vu notre superficie. De plus, nous n’avons pas la technologie requise pour monitor ses implications

Sollicitée pour une réaction, Indira Pochun, project development manager chez Gamma s’en défend bec et ongles. «Selon le rapport sur l’émission de dioxine et de furanne, réalisé à Maurice en 2003, les sources majeures d’émission de ces substances sont la production d’énergie à partir de la bagasse (41 %) et les incinérateurs des hôpitaux (33 %)… Puisque nous allons traiter les déchets des hôpitaux, nous allons au contraire contribuer à purifier l’atmosphère de 33 % des émissions toxiques», explique-t-elle. Elle ajoute qu’«un quart des investissements, soit Rs 1,25 milliards, va dans l’Air Control Pollution System». Gaston Lew, autre intervenant, qui travaille dans un laboratoire de toxicologie, dit sa peur : «Y a-t-il un laboratoire qui pourra tester le taux de pollution», demande-t-il.

Indira Pochun assure que Gamma s’est déclaré prête à financer l’installation d’un laboratoire, géré par les habitants eux-mêmes et qui leur permettrait de contrôler quotidiennement les taux de pollution. Elle concède qu’il y a deux types de résidus, dont la fly ash (20 %) toxique. Ce résidu, qui contient des métaux lourds et de la dioxine, subira trois étapes pour éviter tout risque, dit-elle.

Danger des toxines

Vassen Kauppaymuthoo avance que les tests de vent auraient dû être faits sur le site de La-Chaumière et non à Plaisance. Indira Pochun déclare n’avoir pas pu faire «autrement car il n’y a que deux stations climatologiques pour faire ces tests et les conditions de Plaisance se rapprochent davantage de La-Chaumière que l’autre site».

Indira Pochun conteste l’argument du Dr Bhugun qu’ailleurs, il n’y pas d’habitation dans un rayon de cinq kilomètres de ce genre d’incinérateur : «A Newmunster en Allemagne, un incinérateur se trouve en plein cœur d’une zone résidentielle. Quant à nous, nous avons respecté la distance que stipule l’EIA», relève-t-elle.

Un centre d’enfouissement risque de menacer la nappe phréatique tandis que le principal danger d’un centre d’incinération viendrait des toxines rejetées dans l’air. Le rapport Environment impact assessment de Gamma Civic et à l’expérience de son associé américain, qui opère déjà en Asie, le taux de résidu gazeux (toxine) est inférieur au seuil autorisé. A préciser toutefois que les estimations de tout EIA, dont celui de Gamma Civic, sont basées sur les données, parfois partielles, fournies par le commanditaire de ce rapport.

Pour leur part, la PAP et le MSE ont envoyé au ministre de l’Environnement et au Premier ministre, le 23 mars, une pétition signée par 2 000 habitants de la région. Hedley Pallany, l’un des membres fondateurs de la PAP, lance un appel pour que d’autres se joignent à son mouvement.

MSE est une association qui regroupe des habitants des endroits avoisinants le site proposé, dont Roches-Brunes, Mont-Roches, Camp-Levieux, Albion, Gros-Cailloux et Canot. Hedley Pallany déclare «qu’il n’est même pas question que l’incinérateur s’implante dans une autre région non plus». Ils souhaitent une alternative, tel le compostage. Mais certains déchets ne pourront jamais être traités autrement que par l’enfouissement : pensez au béton…


Monday, September 29, 2008

Wolmar to Tamarin

Many who are used to jog from Wolmar to Tamarin through the beach must have noticed that it's impossible now.

Reason? Well the pictures speak for themselves I guess...

Question? Is this natural or man-made? I wonder..I wonder...

What I wish to point out here is simply the sad fact that all those who have jogged from Wolmar to Tamarin through the beach will never be able to do so in the future...unless there is VERY low tide.

I was also wondering how it came to be like this? Yes, I do understand nature and it's strange capacities to dig through anything. I was told that there was already a little river going to the sea over there but you could easily jump over it to the other side.

My question remains: Is this the nature's deed or some malicious people who do not wish to have Mauritians walking on the beach in front of the hotels???

Maybe the beach authority could come up with something here. It is already very sad that Mauritians are limited in terms of beach activities, now those who love jogging over there will just have to turn their back to it.

P.S Oh by for those who do not know, no one has the right to stop you from swimming in the sea directly in front of hotels nor to sit on the sand in front. You cannot of course use the chairs etc they put there for their clients (which I agree), but yet the beach remains public :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Real life HERO

Photo source:

There is the most talked about movie 'THE DARK KNIGHT' showing in theatres right now in Mauritius. Heroes, wandering at night, helping those in need, fighting vilains, killing evil forces etc...Batman, Superman, Spider man, man & man...

However, I was most impressed by someone who does not call himself a hero, yet is no less than one. I know 11 Indians who will remember him till their last breath.

In august 2008, Karl Secondis, an Australian business man was on holidays with his family at Grand Baie. He was fishing with his 7 years old son in the lagoon at Pereybere when he noticed people in distress. Here is the link to the article in L'express (in french):

He rescued 11 Indians whose boat met with some troubles and they were hanging to their lives in the water (note only one of them knew how to swim). I believe Karl Secondis should be given a medal of courage by both the Government of Mauritius and India. I am so relieved to know that even in today's world, there walk on the Earth people who are courageous and humble.

HATS OFF to you Mr Karl Secondis!!! You are a real life hero! You must surely be the pride of your family and your kids will have tales of a real hero to tell their school friends back in Australia, their hero, their dad :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hospitals in Mauritius

Hmm.. what can i suggest? That it's better you die rather than go to the hospital? Some people do say hospitals' staffs are effective, but then it's thus most of the times if you have some relatives working there.

Hospitals in Mauritius are getting worse. How many people out there can sincerely testify they had a pleasant doctor, a nice nurse to look after them. Doctors in hospitals behave as if they are doing it for free (though those doing it for free in other countries are very nice). I think that when they study to become doctors they pawn their good manners and eventually forget to get it back. Doctors in hospitals HAVE NO MANNERS! When you come to them you are already in bad shape and what they do is make matters worse. Typical Mauritian Hospital doctors talk like this:

NOTE: They do not reply back when you say good morning doctor...

"Ki ou gagné?" (What's wrong?)
They take their stethoscope and place on you heart (even if it's your head which aches or your leg).

"Ouvert la bouche" (Open your mouth)

"Respire...tini respiration...respirer" (Breathe..hold your breath...breathe)

"Hmmm..." (Hmm)

He writes down a series of medicines (of course panadol is a must for whatever problem you have! It's the Mauritian magic pill).

"Si pa bien mem ou revini" (If you are not dead, you can still come back).

Yeah, there is no explanation of what you are suffering from nor why these meds are just one of so many coming everyday and they simply DON'T CARE!

Nurses are worse (yeah i don't have a better word to describe it here). They scold at old persons, are arrogant and speak to you as if you are some beggars at their door. I can easily recall examples like:

"Madame! ou pas tandé kan crier ou nom! Assize la! Ici madame! Pa compran kan coze ar ou?"

translation: (Ma'am! can't you hear when your name is called! Sit here! Here ma'am! Don't you understand when we talk to you?")

What is really sad is kids with leukemia. They are supposed to be in places where there is no dust etc especially when they are undergoing their first treatment. But in Candos, they are put in cubicles where they have to go through the main room of other sick children. You even have to go through the hospital corridors with sick adults before getting to the children's ward.

I mean, what would it take to build a room for leukemia kids? One million? What's one million when they can renovate theatres at millions and millions...yeah, you can't compare history to life.

Anyway, I have so much frustration concerning this country right now that I wonder where we are heading.

One little words for the doctors in hospitals (if they ever come across my blog that is) Please! Do something else instead of making our life worse! Doctors are supposed to help people get better, not worsen the situation. Same applies to nurses. Sad there is no more Florence Nightingales.

What it's like to be a Mauritian in Mauritius

Mauritius. Paradise for many foreigners who come to visit our island and the marvellous hotels surrounding it. Yes, it is paradise on Earth when you think about the fact that there is no war going on (touch wood), there is no famine, drought or flood killing thousands.

Yet, I have certain doubts about our paradise.

For example, when I was going on honeymoon to Rodrigues, there was no one happier than me! I finally got married to the love of my life and was starting a whole new life! Tssst! tsst! No. That was not to happen that way because when we were queuing up to get inside the passenger terminal, one policeman came to us and asked us to show our passport. Hmm...Now, of all the persons going inside, why only us? Oh yeah! we were the only ones with brown skin. We were Mauritians for God sake and not tourists! That's why we were asked to show our passport (which we did not have because Mauritians do not need passports to travel to Rodrigues!)

I politely showed him our reservation tickets and ID cards. Then he said ok, we could move on.

To be honest, I wanted to so much kick him right there. He made my flight dull and I was boiling of anger. I don't think I looked like a terrorist who was about to hijack a plane or so.

All this to tell you that Mauritians are treated like shit in their own country.

Other examples are when you enter any shop in Caudan (or any other high -class shops, but not in manners) God! The salesgirls look at you from head to toe as if you are about to steal something or point a gun at them and ask for the cash. Notice that at the same time a tourist bursts in and what a change of attitude. I thought the salesgirls did not know how to smile when I entered.

In hotels it's the same attitude. We pay for the stay, yet you are treated like dog shit. (Ok, maybe Pointe Venus at Rodrigues and Paul et Virginie as well as it's 7 Colours Spa were nice, but not Manisha Hotel).

Isn't it strange? Mauritius is a paradise for tourists because they get the most beautiful beach in front of their hotels, but you Mauritian has to squeeze your butt into an overcrowded sea (Flic en Flac on Sundays for example). I have the feeling that to see a little piece of decent beach next time, Mauritians will have to check in hotels for that.

Yes, we can swim in front of hotels because the sea is for everyone, but what about the security guards who look at you like you are poisoning the beach and sea in front of the hotel?

Mauritius is paradise, yes, but certainly not for Mauritians.

P.S Am certainly missing on other examples here, but feel free to add them up...oh by d way, it's my are free to feel the contrary.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Holiday

Heart break.

Everyone at least once in their life must have experienced it...I did and I can tell you that there's no where on Earth deep enough to bury that pain.

The Holiday is a wonderful movie for guys and girls you have no luck in love and don't know what to do. Obviously it's not that easy as in the film and home exchange is not done as easily as that, but there's a message in there. That love exists and if you let it come it will.

Scenes where i cried in the movie are:

When Jasper's engagement is announced after Iris gave him his xmas present. She was standing there not knowing what to do coz it was hurting deep inside. Firstly not knowing that Jasper was engaged, secondo because she still loved the guy. Kate Winslet was awesome! I never liked Titanic, but in 'the Holiday' I have to admit, she did a fantastic job! This scene especially was terrific!

When Amanda and Liam's kids are under the tent...watching the stars...
Oh that was so intense...I think Jude Law looked gorgeous right there, playing the widower with two cute kids...

The Holiday is a wonderful film. You should watch it. There is love, passion, tenderness and emotion every second in it.

I think after 'P.S I Love You' it's the second best...

Of course my all time favourite remains 'Le Grand Bleu'


Thursday, June 26, 2008

To save or not to save water..that is the question!

Been more than one week since there is a broken pipe near my house...see attached pic...
My husband called twice last week, (wednesday and thursday) even the neighbour called.
Some people from CWA came on Saturday (maybe for the overtime as they came back Sunday morning..couple of hours)

So, when i left home today, there was still no one out there repairing the pipe.

Now! What about all the campaign CWA was yelling about? Save water? Reservoirs are dry?
No wonder they are dry! CWA doesn't even care! I don't think they do when i see all the water flowing on the road everyday.

Don't you think they should save water first then preach about it to others???


Am sorry if I sound all angry but am sure you would react the same way if you saw the waste.

Please do forward this coz i hope then they will try to amend their careless ways!

Thnx! oh please check the MISSION and VISION statement they have :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have a real weakness when it comes to shoes.

I love these 2..the dark one with lots of beads were Michel's gift on my 29th birthday :) I love it! When we entered the shop, first thing I saw was the shoes and cried out loud how cute they were! Mich thought the same and here they are! My cute shoes...

And the second pair was last week..was just checking the shop to see if there were new things...and boom! saw this one!

:) I simply can't resist shoes!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have you already experienced your last first kiss?

Isn't it amazing that some of us never even thought about that? 'LAST FIRST KISS'...It'a about kissing someone for the first time and from then on he will be the only one you will one else.

Strange or funny as it may sound, our 'LAST FIRST KISS' is important.
I've already had mine :) My 'LAST FIRST KISS' was Michel and am more than happy that it has been with him...and it will remain him for the rest of my life.

A kiss that you will remember all your life, a kiss that you will cherish and think about the tingling sensation it sent all through your body when it happened. Where and when it hapenned? Who started first?

A kiss to remember...'LAST FIRST KISS'

Sunday, June 8, 2008



Cast:Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) / Gerard Butler (300)


What would it be like waking up tomorrow and realise that the person you loved the most was no more there by your side. Sleepless lonely nights. Cold bed sheets. Colder heart.

No, I do not wish to imagine that happening to me, yet life is life, we cannot command it to be this or that way for us, we just have to go along.

That is maybe the reason why i never stop telling my husband how much I love him. Who knows? I might not have the chance of writing letters to him.

And you? Will you?

Life is so strange nah? You meet so many people whom you think you are in love with then out of nowhere someone comes around. BANG! THIS IS LOVE! Yeah, true, real, pure, sincere, innocent love. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Love, marriage, babies...happiness...birth..and death. Yes, death. We cannot miss this one! We were born to die, remember? Life, oh life? why this pattern? why fall in love and make someone part of you just to have him snatched afterwards?

I simply can't imagine what my life will be without Michel. Wake up in the morning, no hugs, no kisses, no smiles? No one to share breakfast with? No one to tell me how much he loves me? No one to make me laugh like a mad girl when am sad or down?

No, i cannot imagine...I don't want to...though it's here...the thought...

The thought that no matter how much you will try, no matter how hard, that once that person is gone...he will be gone forever, never again will you be able to touch him, hug him, look into his eyes...

No, life does not have the rewind option. We have to live the present. We cannot press pause nor hit rewind, though there is the stop button.

Life hurts, love hurts...maybe this is why we are meant to live each and every second to the fullest.

P.S I love you Michel

Friday, May 23, 2008


Oscar de la Jeunesse 6th Edition 2004 Winners:
Category: Artistic Pursuit
Award Winner: PURBHOO Nishal

Rotaract club of Petit Raffray
President: PURBHOO Nishal

Nishal is one a guy with such a pure heart that it is almost difficult to believe that he lives in this era.

Bcoz Nishal does what he does for nothing in return. He is always smiling bcoz he knows that a smile can create miracles. Nishal is very fond of his parents and have a lot of respect for them, which is admirable these days. He is a very good friend and will NEVER EVER let someone down, friend or nor.

Nishal is on the good way. President of the Rotaract club of Petit Raffray is only a start. I am sure he will do wonders for the people around. He will come up with great solutions for his locality and hopefully set an example for people at a 'higher' level.


FAMOUS PEOPLE I KNOW - Nicolas Bastien-Sylva

NICOLAS, when I recall our very firts meeting, I did not like him at all! We spent the first months at the IVTB School of Design not talking to each other bcoz he did not let me sit where I wanted to. LOL! Stupid me as always, but it made me realise later, that Nicolas has a very soft corner where there is love and hope not only for himself but for those around him.

Bcoz Nicolas is fighting a fight authorities should be fighting. He is doing it with the very little resources he has, but with a determination most people lack. Below is his comment on the HIV virus fight campaign:

"Cette campagne est assez explicite. On fait comprendre qu'il faut combattre le virus et non le porteur. Inspirée d'une campagne française, elle vise à présenter des visages connus d'ici et à provoquer une réflexion autour de la stigmatisation", dit Nicolas Bastien-Sylva, des Zarbiens.

I am sure that in the coming years, Nicolas will achieve a lot of good around him and be known as an example of devotion in the society.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Les folles aventures d'un fana du manga
À 23 ans, David est diplômé en Art Direction. Il pratique le dessin depuis l'âge de 7 ans. "Ma passion pour le dessin a commencé le jour où ma mère m'a donné mon premier crayon. Là, je me suis rendu compte que le dessin me permettait de m'exprimer librement", dit-il. Son inspiration, il la puise au fond de lui, y ajoutant ça et là son grain de folie. Si le jeune homme affirme que son style n'a pas beaucoup changé depuis ses débuts, il concède qu'il a été amené à réaliser un travail différent à la demande de certains clients. Comme tout artiste, David voudrait exposer son travail. Il espère ainsi présenter une cinquantaine de dessins l'année prochaine. Sa devise d'artiste : "Être artiste, c'est oser expérimenter plusieurs techniques et non pas se limiter dans ses choix."
Il utilise plusieurs techniques pour reproduire le monde dans lequel il voudrait évoluer. Dans ses œuvres, il est tantôt guerrier, tantôt une âme solitaire qui erre dans un monde imaginare. Pour s'exprimer, David Cheong Yuen Zing a choisi le mixed media, art qui, dit-il, expose mieux ses sentiments.
Impenatrable Heart, Depressed, Damned, Confusion… Ce sont les titres de quelques uns des travaux de David Cheong Yuen Zing. Des titres plutôt sombres, diriez-vous, mais pas très étonnants quand on rencontre l'homme un tantinet excentrique, qui se décrit comme quelqu'un de "compliqué." Chacune de ses œuvres dévoile un monde fictif où l'artiste, qui se cherche, prend plaisir à inviter une part de mystère, mélangeant à son gré couleurs et techniques.
Irréel. Il fonctionne au feeling, dessinant que ce que lui dictent ses sentiments. David couche sur papier ses états d'âme les plus intimes, les plus chimériques. Un trait de caractère qu'il assume parfaitement. "J'aime ce qui est mystérieux et fantastique. Cela me permet de m'évader, de voir les choses autrement." L'envie lui prend aussi parfois de reproduire dans ses travaux l'image de ce qu'il voudrait être, à l'instar de My Future. Pour ce jeune graphic designer de Beau-Bassin, l'importance est de donner libre cours à ses envies plutôt que d'essayer de reproduire le réel.
Manga. Si David avoue s'inspirer beaucoup des mangas - n'y voyez rien de culturel -, il dit, cependant, ne pas vouloir s'enfermer dans ce style particulier. "Je ne fais pas du manga pure, car ce n'est pas vraiment le style qui me sied le mieux. Je préfère de loin l'amalgame de techniques, tels le crayonnage, le pastel, l'encre de chine…" Il pose un regard différent sur tout ce qui l'entoure et c'est de là que lui provient sa source d'inspiration.
Internet. Bien que David n'ait pas encore fait d'exposition, il a tenu à partager ses 22 dessins sur internet par le biais d'un site américain. En juillet 2007, il a remporté le 1er prix du concours Illustration Icon du site Art Wanted et un de ses dessins figure sur le calendrier du site en question. Loin de vouloir s'arrêter là, David songe à faire une incursion dans l'univers de la bande dessinée, mais l'idée de devoir travailler sur la partie textuelle le freine un peu. "Je voudrais que mon travail soit reconnu, que j'arrive à toucher ceux ayant une connaissance artistique, mais aussi exporter ce que je fais hors de Maurice."
En attendant, les travaux de l'artiste sont à découvrir sur

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Human Trafficking

Last night I watched a film on TV about Human traffic. It's hard to imagine that 800 000 (according to the movie) people are victim of Human Trafficking EACH YEAR! Yet it's true, sadly.

Sincerely, i think films like these should be projected in schools, colleges, tertiary institutes to warn teenagers about how they are looked as potential victims.

Though hard at times the film does show what we do not want to even think about. Everyone thinks that theses things can only happen to 'others', but then, to the 'others', WE are the others!

Just think about your daughter, your son, barely 9yrs, 10yrs in the hands of 'people' i would barely qualify as humans.

Actually i just visited this site:

and these i guess are the recent facts about Human Trafficking:

'Over the last ten years, the numbers of women and children [who] have been trafficked have multiplied so that now they are on a par with estimates of the numbers who were enslaved in the 16th and 17th centuries.’
[Dr Laura Lederer, Senior Advisor on Trafficking in Persons to the Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs & Professor of Law at Georgetown University, USA]

‘Sexual trafficking is the movement of women and children for the purposes of prostitution or other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. It includes the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, transfer or sale of women and children for these purposes. It is the route into sexual slavery.’

> Over 2 million people are trafficked per year

> 1.2 million children are affected by trafficking – ¼ of a million in Asia/Pacific region

> Human Trafficking is a lucrative worldwide business of $10 billion per year

> Over 50,000 Filipino children have been forced into prostitution

> The Salvation Army worldwide is committed to working to confront and reduce this evil trade

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Brave One

For those who haven't seen the movie yet, go see's a wonderful film.

I wonder at times what i'd do if something like that happened to me. Probably worse than what Erica Bain did...

Sometimes we don't realise what we have in life. Parents, sisters, brothers, friends, love...all these are here but it happens we don't see them...

I often wonder about what life has in store for long am I to live? What about my husband? Till when are we going to be together...yeah sounds creepy..but then i have to ask myself these questions just to realise that am alive now. It now I should worry about and live it to the best coz who knows what's next...

Ah life! If only...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.

Hopefully i will be able to maintain it up to date and kicking :p