Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Linda's Place

During Tasya's last holidays, we had the nice surprise of falling on Linda's place.  

Niched in a little commercial center, this resto/snack nicely surprised us with their menu pics on a tablet.  Yep..real innovation and a delight to the eyes!

I had the seafood gratin (though am allergic to seafood... :P ) and it was a delight!

The food was not only very well presented but tasted like awesome.  Price range was fine and service was excellent.  The pleasant smiling young man with the piercing, tattoos and shorts made my day!  You can't get cooler than that!

The cocktails were quite interesting...and I read on their FB page that you can even prepare your!

So if you are driving by Calodyne, trust me and do grab a bite there...

Little more details:

Breakfast - Brunch - Burgers - Cajun/Creole - Diners - Vegetarian

Just check their FB page for more details:

The only 'hic' is they accept only cash for now...but it's not that a huge problem ;)

BUT if you want awesome food, awesome welcome and affordable..try Linda's Place :)

Feeling hungry!

Reena DKL

NOT so PERFECT Burger...

So am back and this time am not gonna chew my words!!!

When your name says 'Perfect Burger' the least you can do is throw some decent food in our plates.  

Story is we went there for lunch one day.  All hungry..actually starving!  I ordered 'Crocs Monsieur' & chips for Tasya and a pasta something for me while michel went for a burger n the usual combo stuff.

Now the story starts:

No pasta!  Out of spaghetti.  Ok, being the usual nice and easy client I am I say ok, gimme a child's meal.

The guy tells me I cannot take that.  I said why?  I wanted the 'gifts' attached to the meal.  The gifts won't fit my hand he says... Am all like 'huh?'...  Accompanied by a child, it was obvious the gift would be for her!  What difference did it make about who ate the damn kids' meal in the end?  I insist on the child's meal...where he says they are out of chips but can still manage a few for Tasya... Ok fine...we are cool...

Now the server tells us he cannot offer the combo burger meal as he has no chips.  Ok..Forget the chips...bring the burger.

Food finally..and I have to stress on the finally here as it came like 40 mins later!  Ok food is here!  Hourra!  But the hourra died right across my throat with the first bite...  Perfect could you support a name like that when street food taste like 10 times better?

Not only that, but Tasya never got her chips as some server gave all the remaining chips to a guy who 'supposedly' ordered his meal first.  Yeah did I forget to mention how many others who came after were served first?  I wonder if ALL of them placed their orders by phone... can't confirm that though...

People..if you cannot afford a toy like McDo or even KFC for God's sake just don't bother!  The Rs10 toy you buy on the streets looked far more enjoyable for the kids...

My overall experience?  DISASTER!  Nothing was perfect..nothing!!!  NOT so Perfect Burger after all :/

Keep posted...will be back soon...

Reena DKL

P.S  Mind you that this is personal blog as far as I know, I am allowed to write about my personal experiences...just a note for those who wanna sue me :p

P.P.S - Pictures are from the if it's yours let me know I'll credo them ;)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Stage costume or underwear?

So, this is the first and last post of 2013 most probably :P  Am not dead, just dormant..but still a blogger (I guess so!).

Anyway, tonight (or rather today, we are already 03:36), I want to write about some famous stars, singers especially when they are performing live…or even their clips…

Seriously, i think they need some re-education to better understand the difference between stage costume and underwear, because so far, they have been wearing even less clothes on stage that I wear when I shower (actually this is an irony, not that I bath dressed :P )

As the pictures show, they have some serious issues…

Thing is some say it's all about entertainment…then why don't the guys go around in tiny G-Strings??? Though I wouldn't mind this one! But still, why doesn't a Lara Fabian, Adèle, Celine Dion or so need the extravagance or rather say vulgarity???

Some clips are more soft porn like than anything else :/

Like below, I wonder if she's really trying to 'play guitar' or actually scratching herself :P

Wait, is it too much clothing???

And what is she doing now?  A tip on how to pee on stage???

And now Britney…don't even know what she's trying to do here...

And one thing, if you don't have the body to sport something like this, please spare us the horror!!!

Beyonce most probably forgot her bras at home :P

So they either all have the same costume designer or they are all simply crazily stupid :P

and lack creativity!!!

Now Miley, why the hell do you want to act like someone who just got out of a mental institute??? (Ran away, most certainly!!!)

And who goes around naked on a wrecking ball???
What was the need of being naked in that clip?

These people seriously need to make the difference between a stage costume and clown dress!!!
It's such a sore sight for the eyes :(

…and scratching again!!!

I will simply end here…and sincerely hoping next year I will come with more posts ;)

Dormant, not dead!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motherland O Motherland!

Finally, after more than 1 year of rest, my desire to blog awakens :)

So many topics I wanted to write about, yet never found time, nor didn't give them a second thought.

Tonight, well, it's already 2:15am, well...So today, as I sit down to blog, I have only one thing in mind: Do we Mauritians have the patriotic feeling?  After the recent turbulence around the 'Boycott Mauritius' page on FB, I wish to say a few words...

I always said that we Mauritians lack the passion patriots feel...we just never gave a damn about it coz we never found a reason to...Sadly, we never valued our freedom, nor our rights to raise our voice against corruption... 

I once said that French knew the revolution... 

(Picture Source:  Internet)

Scotland had William Wallace...

(Picture Source:  Internet)

Indians sacrificed so much...

(Picture Source:  Internet)

and the Blacks wrote history with their blood....

(Picture Source:  Internet)

We Mauritians (actually one) sold Diego and we were free :(

Maybe we should be thankful for the 'Boycott Mauritius' page which brought up so many people to stick together for their country and fight against those who are badmouthing us.

Ok, no one is perfect and certainly no country!  We see people dying around the world, rape, murder, war, drugs, prostitution, pedophile, corruption and so much more everywhere across the globe.  My heart goes to the family who lost their daughter and in no way should the murder(s) get away with it.
Still question remains, should the whole world boycott us because the case remains unsolved or because the murderer is yet to be found?  In no way boycotting Mauritius will solve the case.  Let's look for solutions, get the best like Scotland Yard over here and get results!  But why boycott us?  Because we don't have the best equipment or forensic labs to start with?

Mauritians die overseas.  Years ago, in Russia a young Mauritian student was beaten to death.  Did we boycott Russia?  No, because any fool knows that Russia is not responsible for the murder, a bunch of assholes are but that does not mean we should just put a ban on the country.

Now as for the Motherland title...I must admit that am surprised so many people came together to defend our little island.  Yes, even if it's not perfect, it remains our Motherland.  I was born here and can never think of staying anywhere else than here.  Fine, the system needs a hard slap, but does screaming our flaws over rooftops change anything to that?  To start with, we are the sole responsible for such a disaster. WE ARE the voters, so better start with a tight slap to wake us up first.

My point is, Mauritius is our Mother - Land...  If we watch Bollywood movies, they cannot stop talking about their love for the motherland...  Their flag itself means a lot to them...compared to us leaving it on rooftops for a whole year to change it only for the next Independence day.

Back to Motherland.  Mother...  Do we insult our mother in front of others?  No matter how bad she is..a mother remains a mother and we never sell her to others...we deal with it and try to make things better.  Why help the drug addict poor mother get a better decent life and degrade the Motherland?

Mauritius, our motherland is the fruit of our lenient, cowardice behavior.  When we slander her, we are simply proving what imbeciles we are.

My whole point is, if strangers are throwing stones at our mother, shall we join them in hurting her or go against them and protect her?

We don't need to fight wars with guns and bombs, but by simply sticking together at this ethereal moment against the world, we can prove our patriotism and be proud Mauritians.

(Picture by Reena DKL)

Note that comments which are not appropriate will be deleted :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good news for Halim and Dholl Puri lovers :)

Yes, for those who were like me and wondered where the 'marchand halim' and 'marchad dal-puri' lor gare rose-hill went, well tadah!!! They are back!!!

Oh that Halim helped me so much during my pregnancy...I could have only that as food! lol! yeah!

Main point is they are back and same place at rose-hill just that instead of being like 'squatters' they have their own 'ti-base'. Same 'arcade' as Dil Snack...

Sorry for the pics which were taken at night :(

Am so happy that I could not help sharing this with all of you!!!

Alors les bloggers?

Kan ene ti plan Halim ou Dal-puri la!!?? Yashvin!!!???


Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi 2011...hopefully it will be a far better year :)

Am already posting my first article for this year..cheers!!!

Actually, the very few times I've viewed the show: "SUMMER TIME DANCE SPECIAL" on MBC I've been shocked!

Yes, the word is SHOCK!. Why you ask? Well, have you seen those lil kids dancing? I mean, all that "jhatak" and "matak"? All those vulgar moves? Am so sorry to say that parents don't realise that their kids are making fools of themselves.

For example, imagine a 7 years old girl dancing on Rhianna's latest clip "Rude Boy", that sexy clip where is is in tight leggings and moving her hips in suggestive ways... Many parents are not aware that most hip moving dances have sexual connotations.

Or even Beyonce....pff!!! Even Bollywood is not a good example..."Kiss me here..touch me that"...and kids dancing on that!

Isn't that an easier way to promote pedophilia? I mean it's just giving "hot" clips of the kids on a platter to them!

I sincerely hope the promoters of such competitions will realise that and stop turning those lil kids into sex bombs before their age. Kids should keep their innocence...

Thank you for your comments...

NOTE: The pics were taken from the internet.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gorilla seen around the island on Christmas eve!!!

24th December 2010
after 7p.m

People walking on the streets of Rose Hill are surprised by a huge Gorilla. Some stopped to watch the animal while others were so shocked by it's sight. The animal however showed no reaction whatsoever.

Later it was noticed in the streets of Port Louis.

The next day it was seen around Mahebourg, still in the same car...

Frightening nah? Letting loose such an animal in the streets...what do the authorities have to say about it?

Contacted, the owners simply said:

"Well, the very first time we saw it, we simply made up our mind to offer it to our 11 months daughter. Christmas was the perfect time."

Below are couple of pics of the dangerous animal!

pic taken in Port Louis...

pic taken in Mahebourg...